Hi I'm New User Anyone With Some Advice Or Tips Before I Begin

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XGIJANEYX | 08:37 Sun 28th Mar 2021 | News
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No idea what to put here


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You allready have a nice avatar which is a good start.
well you are in the News section, have you anything you want to say or link to in the daily news.
if you just want to chat, there is chatterbank section, and any other topic is generally looked for in the view all categories section. just click on that and scroll down to your chosen section. its easy to do.

My advice is to have a specific question first. No spamming allowed. Enjoy.
OG is right, spammers and bad language get blipped.
Take a look at all categories and see if any question you have is appropriate
I'm new as well... just get stuck in!
to respond on any post/thread just go into answer box, put your views and then pres answer now, its easy once you get into the swing of it.
Buy yourself an orange bucket.
Welcome to AB land, here you'll find a helping hand, to any question you wish to utter, from 'who goes there' to the price of butter, but you might also find, that some folk are out of their mind, just like me who writtid all this faff, just to give you a great big laff and it doesn't matter I'm not that brainy, but nice enough to say "welcome xgijaneyx!, the rhyme doesn't work with the two xs!
Hello! Good to have you here. From experience, 'News' is not the best category to use unless you have links etc. to a current news story. (I tried it and they were very nice to me, but...)

Chatterbank is a good place for general queries, but look at all the categories available. You will discover a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.
Its quite simple really, you ask a question and hopefully somebody on here will try to answer it.
New comer..Welcome
Welcome to you to kritisen. What are the chances . Is that your own logo your avatar? A must get round to getting one

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Hi I'm New User Anyone With Some Advice Or Tips Before I Begin

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