Colonialism And Archictecture

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DTCwordfan | 19:22 Wed 24th Mar 2021 | News
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Now the insanity of our slamming our colonial extends into the world of architecture.

This was in the D-Tel but I've found another source.

Is a bit of good old Georgian imperialism in new architecture that offensive? Or is is just left-wing clap-trap?


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Nobody show her a Pyramid or she may explode.
19:33 Wed 24th Mar 2021
She's not well, obviously.
Oh dear. We'll all have to live in huts constructed of corrugated tin and plastic tarps if he wins through.
That an surely does have some ridiculous ideas.
That man not that an
Dinah's Tweets have been removed.
She's barking mad.
What about Tudors...mock and otherwise? Or ranch style...about to be banned stateside along with colonials.
Bungalows definitely have to go too.
Oh my head hurts!
Nobody show her a Pyramid or she may explode.
Question Author
Lady J - makes you wonder what she would think of Trevethow Riel in Truro (for the others, built on the Duke of Cornwall's land)....Cornwall's answer to Bath?

Bornat? I thought it was a urine extraction from Borat at first. Knock down the Colosseum and grub up all Roman remains ... What did they ever do for us? Then build more square tower blocks and Soviet style concrete cubes to improve the National outlook. Some areas of course will need driftwood shacks with palm frond roofs, or mud huts with clods on top(instead of being in decision making positions) or even nice stripy tents like at the seaside. Box sash windows and Georgian bar glazing is racist and must be vigorously denounced. This is what she said!

“The fortress style/display of wealth resonates through time. I wonder is it starting to resonate just a little too much for a lot of us? Imperialism starting to look, well, offensive? Just a thought.”
“I’m talking about offence caused by colonialism. Which arguably goes beyond offence.”
“I’m concerned that this replica approach learns nothing and stifles cultural debate. Going so far as to define it as ‘beauty’ is politically troubling. If beauty harks back to oppression we are on very dangerous ground.”

Question Author
Highgate Cemetery suddenly sounds very attractive to bury such bilge! Would Karl Marx, George Eliot, Henry Moore, Douglas Adams and even George Michael forgive us.
It's all huffing and puffing on the part of those who earn a crust attacking woke and modern and leftie. Can't people hear an opinion without getting into a strop? Do you think she should be 'cancelled'?
No, she shouldn't.

Laughed at...yes.
Does anyone remember 'Pseuds Corner' in Private Eye?
Prime candidate...
I can;t imagine that any architect of any period designs a building with any aim in mind other than it be as functional and attractive to the eye as possible.

The notion that 'colonialism' is a root cause for design is simply looking for links that don't exist except in the over-active imaginations of people with far too much time on their hands, and an over-inflated opinion of the sense and value of their opinions.
LJ, //Oh dear. We'll all have to live in huts constructed of corrugated tin and plastic tarps if he wins through. //

Ooooo ......Can't do that. In the wonky world of 'Woke' that would be considered 'cultural appropriation' - and that's offensive. I've seen lots of buildings like that on my travels. How do we stand with caves?
Bent double usually ;-)
Haaaa! Fight you for the big one! :o)
that would not be environmentally acceptable though....and what about bats? They are protected species.
Not many of the big posh ones hereabouts.
The term "caves" might suffice due to the fact that they are not "man-made"; therefore, that gets rid of another potential problem.
Oh gawd, woofgang. Another idea bites the dust. :o/

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Colonialism And Archictecture

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