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They are allowed to because they are not
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You´re not saying theres 1 law for them and 1 law for us?
Camilla looks much better with a mask on.

The Government asked them to go, apparently.
Why does it have to be necessary?

As mentioned, the Covid legislation allows trips for work and diplomatic reasons (among about a dozen others). The law is the same for everybody.
My daughter is going to Athens shortly, on a diplomatic mission, she says to take back bits of the Elgin Marbles.....given that Germany has announced the return of various bronzes to Benin/Nigeria.
It's hardly a holiday is it?

I'm glad they ae off their backsides and doing something, we need to get the country moving.
someone else posted this, they are on an offical engagement at the request of the countries government.
not exactly sitting on a beach for a week are they, two days......

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Chaz And Camille´s Two Day Trip To Athens, Was This Really Necessary?

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