Good Luck With That Joe.......

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ToraToraTora | 21:36 Tue 23rd Mar 2021 | News
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The gun lobby is too strong .

Admirable desire though
The bane of every recent President's office. None of them have got anywhere.

None of them will get anywhere
Maybe when his hand is cold and dead...
Question Author
They have two huge insoluble problems in the US, attempting to deal with either is political suicide. So I guess they are stuck with them.
Their biggest problem would appear to be "dealing" with terrorist attacks that are engineered by the religious fanatics. They will get their murderous hands on whatever weapon they fancy regardless of who bans/outlaws it. Biden bombs Syria ... Syrian Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa murders Americans.
The biggest problem is dealing with attacks by American citizens.
I agree that it’s a laudable aim but doomed.
I think we have to admire the President's courage in tackling this horrible problem so early on in his first term.

Obama made a few pointless noises in the dying days of his service, knowing it wouldn;t harm his re-election chances - the only time any Democrat makes any noises about gun control.

Surely the most ludicrous aspect of the horrible gun culture that is America, is the ability for anyone outside the military to be able to get their hands on these weapons, which are designed entirely for mass killing - as many and as fast as possible. Even that cannot be be explained by the peculiar 'frontier' mindset that still infects the American psyche today.

He may fail, but he has to try, and I applaud him for it, although I fear he is doomed to failure on this one.
Boulder already has laws banning assault weapons and packed clips Beijing Joe didn’t do his research!
10 round magazine limit already law in Boulder as well as the Red Flag law boyfriend and loophole law and background checks mandatory in Colorado, making guns more illegal didn’t stop Chicago gangs slaughtering themselves all last weekend but SLO Joe mustn’t have had the news on in his basement . tripped himself up again lol
And notice how quiet the MSM went today when the Boulder police chief gave the shooters name out, Ahmed Al Aliei Alissa, no white supremacy there to fit their agenda so move along
Of course merely banning assault weapons isn’t going to stop the slaughter and individual states doing so certainly isn’t.
White supremacist or whoever, the perpetrator is irrelevant when it comes to easy access to firearms.
Is it normally a white supremacist that goes on a shooting spree?
The vice presidents niece wasn't very quite on the shooting...having a right go at the white man she was...then found out it wasn't a white man.


Ilhan Omar also saying whitey doesn't care if the shooter is white.

So there you go're racist, now start believing it.

Question Author
DJHawkes: "And notice how quiet the MSM went today when the Boulder police chief gave the shooters name out, Ahmed Al Aliei Alissa, no white supremacy there to fit their agenda so move along " - so it's TROP? I did wonder but you know know what it's like on here!
Just to repeat “white supremacism” is not the issue that moves people. Most of these shooting appear to be by people with grudges or with mental health issues or both. Paranoia plus a ready way of settling a grudge is not a good combination.
Even this proposal by the president only scratches the surface.
it will never happen sadly, many have tried, all have failed.
to many gun lovers and it's my right brigade.
Whilst I do agree ideally these types of guns would be illegal, does anybody really think it will stop these atrocities if they do make them illegal?

These people (regardless of their cause/belief) will lay their hands on them easily because they simply dont care about the consequences - thats if they handed them to authorities in the first place (you can get one in the UK if you really want to).

And with an estimated 400 million guns in the USA I dont think anyone will be stopping anything anytime soon.
As I have observed times without number when gun stories pop up on here - America has this 'frontier' psyche, which hundreds of years and incalculable increases in intelligence and sophistication as a culture, has not dimmed in the slightest.

I am sure that there will come a time when the notion that guns carried turn into guns used, and that this is simply not a good way for a country to live - and that gun control will increase, and the obsession with being armed will decrease, and eventually die out.

But that's not going to happen in my life time,probably not even in this century.

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