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10ClarionSt | 11:37 Tue 23rd Mar 2021 | News
50 Answers marked today with a minutes' silence in memory of all those unfortunate people who have died due to the incompetence and bungling of the government in the last 12 months. Lockdown is the result of the govt not knowing what to do, so it panicked and simply told everyone to keep away from each other.
This brought difficulties for people with long term health problems who couldn't get the medical help they desperately needed, and some of them were probably victims of this decision. It resulted in the govt paying out billions of pounds to businesses, half of which were fraudulent and are now being pursued by the police, adding to the overall cost.
Facemasks aren't necessary and serve no purpose, as was proved during the first lockdown when they were not compulsory, very few were wearing them, and the death rate dropped to near single figures.
Published figures are misleading and lacking detailed information. Some people who failed to keep an appointment for a COVID test were advised that they had tested positive, without even taking the test. Death rates are false, as we are not told how many actually died of COVID. Many people have complained that a deceased relative was certified of dying from COVID when they had died from another serious illness.
In July, PHE said that 95% of deaths were people who had one, or a combination of, heart disease, dementia or Type 1 diabetes. That is sad for them, it really is, but it is a tiny fraction of the population.
Transmission is not caused by young people as the spikes in the rates occurred when scnhools and colleges were closed. The main reason for transmission of the virus is one that dare not be spoken for fear of upsetting certain people but we all know it's spread by occupants of 2 up, 2 downs, where 3 generations live side by side.
99.9% of people will recover from COVID. The remainder are the weakest and most vulnerable who should have been protected by the govt, which should have put the billions into protecting them instead of giving people the opportunity to claim fraudulent business support grants.
There is always outrage expressed at "selfish" people who gather in large groups, but they are doing us a favour because the more they do it, the less virulent the virus will become. They know that this virus is not the killer that it's made out to be, and the figures are exaggeration in order to try and cover up the fact that the govt got it wrong. And it knows it.
The sick and the vulnerable were even denied health care in the first stages of lockdown when they were sent from hospitals into care homes, making them even more vulnerable.
This govt has been behaving like primary school teachers throughout this lockdown, along with other people, and you, my dear little things, have accepted it all, just like the primary school children that the govt thinks you are.
Apart from that, evertything's fine thanks. :o)


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Unfortunately the fallout from all this is still to come. Many missed cancer appointments as well as operations that could impact lives - and thats before we get to the mental health which is now at breaking point.

Add to this the misery of unemployment, which will happen especially if the clown in power doesn't get the country moving soon and we have a major catastrophe.

We have chopped our leg off to cure an ingrowing toenail.
Being pedantic here. It's not the longest year - it has 365 days the same as every other year (leap years apart). It may have seemed very long for those who have missed appointments, have missed meeting family etc but.........
An excellent post - and a brilliant reply.
^That's more or less it in my opinion too.
I agree ...excellent post!

Sadly Europe's reaction to covid has shown how ill-prepared the countries were, in particular, that the lessons of SARS (and MERS) were not learned, as there were in East Asia.

The "excess deaths" figure shows that roughly 90% of "with covid" deaths were "of covid".
I agree an excellent post.
However full of arguable assumptions.
Maggiebee's post reminds me of something that has never left me.

I was pulled-up by a teacher, probably 35 years ago, when in a piece of creative writing I referred to something along the lines of "walking a long mile" and was told miles are always the same length.

The teacher was factually correct of course, as is Maggiebee, but the past year has seemed exceptionally long.
How do you square "of all those unfortunate people who have died due to the incompetence and bungling of the government in the last 12 months"
with "95% of deaths were people who had one, or a combination of, heart disease, dementia or Type 1 diabetes. That is sad for them, it really is, but it is a tiny fraction of the population."

I wont waste my time commenting on your 99.9% of people will survive covid falsehood. Am sure jim, or PP or someone with sense will explain it better than me and youll just mock my English.

yes could of been handled better ( theres oone for you pick up on for starter's) but really its the same in most major countrys. look at Italy, France ect struggling now.
Question Author
Don't give me that gubbins about other countries, Bob. In this country we've been led along by a useless PM who's only interested in power. He's not a leader. He does what 'er indoors tells him. Anyway, how many of the deaths had those three things, Bob? Do you know? We don't do we? And they aint telling us. Why do you think that is? Could it be because it will be embarrassing for them and show just how wrong they were?
Question Author
I know, I know. 95%. PHE said so. Those were the people that were being denied appropriate medical care weren't they?
Question Author
Thanks for the replies folks. Time for a nosebag! Byeeee!
did you write all that *** yourself 10cs?
For goodness sake stop moaning. The world is going through unprecedented times and your constant whinging about anything and everything does nothing to alleviate the depression or the hardship. Do us all a favour - put a sock in it - and find a bit of Bulldog spirit!
^^^ there's your BA, 10cs, if you have an ounce of guts.
We have no idea if things would've been better under a different government because we have no frame of reference on that. Such an unprecedented event such as this pandemic makes it very easy to lay the blame at those in charge. Better for the general public to have banded together and did more to prevent spreading the disease, rather than arranging protests and whining about wearing masks.
Question Author
Ive hardly posted on this site for weeks now, so I don't know what you mean by moaning about anything and everything. That's the ten millionth time you've exaggerated today, Naomi!
It's not just that is it Mozz? The whole country has been vrtually ruined by a panicking govt. Some people don't want to see what's right in front of them. I refer the honourable members to my OP, and I commend it to the house!
I have no interest in defending the substance of this polemic, but it would be odd if criticism of the Government is only deemed reasonable when things are going well.

Mozz, I think we know if Labour had won the 2019 election Our Supreme Leader would have been down his allotment mumbling about "Crisis? What crisis."

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