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roslyn251254 | 14:22 Mon 22nd Mar 2021 | News
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Why is he allowed to visit BAE systems factory in Lancashire today? Hardly a necessary journey??


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You can travel for work. That's his job.
Youd probly criticise him for hiding if he stayed in downing street. my preference is kier for pm but would expect him to travel and meet where necessary.
Millions of people are being restricted from doing (or not) their jobs, why should Boris be any different ?

Oh, of course, he's Posh, it's only the Plebs who are restricted.
Are you saying shop workers nurses and teachers plus lorry drivers and bus drivers are plebs canary. Righto
because presumably he is trying to bolster business at this difficult time.
//Millions of people are being restricted from doing (or not) their jobs, why should Boris be any different ?//

For one thing he is the Prime Minister. He has certain privileges which others don't. He is, for example, allowed to visit certain military and intelligence installations which I cannot.

However, that aside, the Covid legislation does not mention the term "necessary journey" or anything like it. People can work if they are not employed in a business that is currently closed by the Covid restrictions (such as a pub or a hairdresser's). They are allowed to travel for work purposes if their work cannot be undertaken at home. The PM obviously sees visiting places of business and industry as part of his job (so do I) and he cannot visit a BAE factory from home.
One thing we have to realise is that we are not all equal in these restrictions.
And that is to be expected.
I’m not talking about Cummings and his eye tests here but people actually doing their job.
Like Bobbin I’d rather have Sir Keir at No 10 but much as I don’t care for Johnson he’s the PM and he should be travelling to places. Especially now
I'm pretty sure BAES staff are considered keyworkers as defence contractors and Boris must be so it has been perfectly legitimate for keyworkers to travel for work purposes all throughout. If he was visiting a perfume factory then maybe fair grounds for a pop but he's not.
Can he go to B&Q for the wallpaper for his flat. :0))))
B&Q are classed as an "essential retailer", so yes.
Can’t see SKS getting into number 10 anytime soon if at all.
I'm not particularly bothered where he goes. Same applies to other MPs. What hisses me off, is the way MPs of all flavours visit factories/schools/pubs etc, etc, and immediately have to try out whatever is being made/done there. Pulling pints, donning hard hats and pretending to understand blue-prints, sitting on the nursery floor, etc, etc, etc. Doesn't make them look clever (or even interested, half the time). Just makes them look a tad desperate. IMVHO, of course.
Really, this is pathetic, part of the PM's job is to inspire and thank people so of course he/she has to visit the country and its various entities. It's almost a cringeworthy remark/thread as to Nicola Sturgeon moaning about the D&D of Cambridge visiting Scotland.....
I agree with you, DTC. It is pathetic.
Lots of nonsense
Don't know why Canary doesn't dye his feathers red.
He really should not, though, be saying things like the UK will “feel the effect” of growing case numbers in Europe. There is as far as I know no evidence whatever that the last wave in the UK was a ripple effect of what happened on the continent. For all anyone knows this is just a natural behaviour of the virus. In the current climate that is not very helpful.
// In the current climate that is not very helpful. //

......unless the object is to ensure the lockdown extension legislation gets passed unopposed?
//......unless the object is to ensure the lockdown extension legislation gets passed unopposed?//

He's no need to worry about that.

Labour will support the measure. In fact they'd prolong the legislation forever if they thought it would earn them a few votes. Of the alleged 80 Conservative "rebels" half will be whipped into line and the strongest rebellion the PM will see from the other half is that most of them might abstain. You will be able to count on your fingers the number who will vote against the government.
He visited Stoke on Trent a couple of weeks ago.
We wernt told about it until AFTER the event.
God knows why?
Spent most of my life trying to escape the *hitole....

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