Why Does A Rise In The Number Of Cases Of Covid Matter In The Uk?

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dave50 | 14:07 Fri 19th Mar 2021 | News
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We are testing more people so the figures are bound to rise. Surely only hospitalisations and deaths are the only numbers we should be concerned about which are falling due to the vaccine.


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I didn't know there was a rise, do you have a link?
You'd think so, but I have no doubt the doom and gloom mongers will be saying we are heading for a third wave, and the roadmap (to freedom) will be hijacked accordingly.
I think it's testing kids in senior schools Dave, my daughter tests at our local high school twice a week, there have been cases without showing symptoms, they, and those in their bubble get sent home to isolate for 10 days
There isn't a rise.
Which considering the number of "Lateral flow tests" carried out in schools, is quite impressive (a lot more impressive than the tests)

However it is true that there will come a point when we'll have to stop getting worked up about it.
That time is not here yet.
Oh God, I hope not Parsley ..
it depends on how the number is calculated.
1. a rise in cases was expected when the kids returned to school
2. yes the more test you do, its likely that the more cases will be found although one would hope and expect that a point would come where increased testing didn't find increased cases
3. if the figure is cases found per 1000 tests and that figure goes up, its showing a real increase.
but 4. if the real number of cases found goes up but the number hospitalised goes down, this could indicate that the vaccine is working. indicates that
If you test positive in a school test, you cannot take a second more accurate test.
If, however you take a lateral flow test at home and test positive, you CAN get a second one (!)
The figure for positive tests so far I think was given as one in 1600
It serves as a barometer to help us decide on how slowly or quickly we can proceed with loosening the precautionary measures.
A confirmed case is someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.

6,303 new people had a confirmed positive test result reported on 18 March 2021.

Between 12 March 2021 and 18 March 2021, 39,205 people had a confirmed positive test result. This shows a decrease of 2.8% compared to the previous 7 days.
////Why Does A Rise In The Number Of Cases Of Covid Matter In The Uk?/////

Because if that were the case it might indicate the arrival of a new variant which was unaffected by the vaccine.
That would be bad news eh?
We need to know whether the number of cases is going up or down as that will tell us whether the numbers of hospital cases and deaths will rise or fall over the next 2-6 weeks, altho theres the added factor now that the vaccinne should mean less hospitalisations and deaths per 1000 cases than there used to be.
Yes the more test's we do the more cases we'll find so of course the scientists and statastishans do bear that in mind, but its good if we're doing more tests and finding of the nonsymptomatics and yet posative results are falling.
The third wave may come from unvaccinnated under 50s when lockdown loosens but hopefully with are vaccinnations and lateral flow tests should not be as bad as the 3rd waves hitting India, Spain, Italy, Poland. Even Holyhead in Wales is talking of locking down after a surge and Isle of Mann had to lockdown again so we cant be complacent and rush thing's
//hospitalisations and deaths are the only numbers we should be concerned about which are falling due to the vaccine//

Yes the effects of the first vaccinnes are starting to have an impact on the figures this month. But lets not forget the restrictions added in January and February such as school closures, non essentials shops closed also contributed. Now schools are back in most areas and restrictions are being relaxed, and as people get complacent because of the vaccinne or just fed up with restrictions, theres a risk cases and then hosiptal beds and deaths will stop falling and may rise again.
We can be optimistic but need to be very cautious and stick to any guidance/rules or else we'll risk having to have another fuller lockdown
i have just been out, its a nice day, plenty of people out and about, and i didn't see that many wearing masks, i did when i went shopping.
perhaps people here in the capital are more complascent.
what worried me being taken to hospital friday night, where the paramedics nor many of the doctors in the hospital wore any form of face covering, strange?
It would be bizarre were there not to be an enquiry.
It should be done not as "the government on trial" though, first because a "lessons learned" approach is more constructive for the future
Wrong thread! but I agree with you.
// it might indicate the arrival of a new variant which was unaffected by the vaccine.//
or that vaccination on which just about everyone has pinned their hopes is not the answer - oo-er Mrs !

esp as France and germany are having a helluva time
o god I dont want to spend £100 m on an enquiry

all it will show besides some VERY rich lawyers is that we got something spectac right and some spectac wrong and really it was all just a matter of chance
Question Author
After all the promises and optimism following the success of the vaccine I don't think the British public would tolerate another lock down, whatever the infection rate is, I certainly wouldn't, I've had enough.
Haven't we all but there's nowhere to go if another lockdown is imposed on us

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