So Should Naga Be Fired?

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DTCwordfan | 13:36 Fri 19th Mar 2021 | News
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Naga Munchetty is in trouble (again) from the BBC tin-hat execs for a sneering attitude shown to Robert Jenrick for displaying a Union Jack in his office, as if he was an American senator or congressman. Her Twitter doesn't help her case - 'The flag shaggers will be up in arms'

Certainly not the Beeb at its Breakfast best, the banter done with Charlie Stayt..... Views on this please.


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Definitely shouldn't be fired, but my reasoning is for completely shallow reasons...she's gorgeous.
DD, I think Specsavers are still open.
I have two vivid memories of Naga Munchetty, one of her interviewing Ronan Keeting when her nipples stuck out like organ stops and the other of her doing an outside broadcast and keeping the mic to her mouth after asking a question of somebody and then putting it to their mouth while she asked another question. This went on for a while, I don't think she's done an O/B since, thick cow.
// //in fact you should think about changing your name to Whistlers Mother// or whistling monkey

Nagger mocking the union flag - now would she mock the crescent moon to be seen on the top of masques - or the takbir (*) on the Iraqi flag - - - I bet she would!

(*) takbir - o god never mind, .... mysterious arabic writing

or for that matter the US flag
if Nagger did - she would surely stop nagging !

and someone has missed out an imperfect subjunctive
if she were .... not if she was......

just saying
I wish they would fire her I can't st
and her. She really thinks she's the Bees Knees -I wish she would get head hunted over to ITV
Can’t stand her. Voice too loud. Ears too big. How her husband puts up with her I will never know.
I like her direct approach and don’t think she should be fired.
she's always been a sneering anti Britsh bee hatch.
TC: "A flag on nearly every house and building in America? WOW that's a lot of flags. Do they generate electricity on a windy day? " - and there's another one.
Please can we keep the excellent Naga, but get rid of Charlie Stayt? I cringe at some of the awful questions he comes out with. He is like an educated Richard Madeley.
I remember her whining like a jumbo jet over brexit. Dunno why she doesn't burger off over the channel.

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So Should Naga Be Fired?

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