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Trump was horrendous, just about anyone else would be better. Meghan is sly, manipulative, determined, spoilt, likes women. Already a better option :-)
18:28 Thu 18th Mar 2021
NJ, they let Trump in. They are not fussy.
Morgan Freeman. He's played president so often he could do it with his eyes shut.
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I wonder if Trump thinks it IS Merckel ...
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“ They'd be crazy if they did because the USA's defence plans would be on the Oprah Winfrey show within a week of her being sworn in.”

Marginally better than them ending up in the Kremlin? ;-)
markel to keep her out of UK
Question Author
The state visit to the palace would be unmissable ;-)
Neither, thanks. Anyone but Trump, but if Meghan was the only other option I’d spoil my paper, as Hopkirk said earlier.
Meghan Markle runs for President and wins. Disaster strikes the Royal Family as William, Kate, and their children all sadly disappear and therefore can't be declared King or Queen. Harry becomes heir and then King. The US and UK finally reunite after 230 years.

All part of the plan...
No one could be worse than Trump.
Just a pipe dream. The Republicans will not choose Trump and the Democrats would not choose a two-bit actress with absolutely no experience of politics or diplomacy.
If they were the only two choices?
Think what happened to J.F.K.
Like almost every Presidential election, that would leave us with two very poor choices. But Trump would get my vote, no question.
//The Republicans will not choose Trump //

Those words may come back to haunt you
I would vote for Meghan. I consider Trump to be a corrupt nasty fascist.
//But since she cannot be relied upon to keep private family conversations confidential I doubt the Spooks would allow her access to any sensitive information.//

Trump leaked lots of sensitive intellgience including exposing intelligence assets

41 to 57 of 57rss feed

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