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dave50 | 10:11 Sun 14th Mar 2021 | News
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I find it ironic that all those critisising the police trying to disperse thes women are all too ready to support the police in this situation when other groups get together for any other reason.


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I am not agreeing that ALL Cops are b******.
Some of my best friends are serving or ex police men and women.
But after a woman was killed by a violent policeman, then subjecting protestors to a violent crowd control operation such as this, was clearly a misjudgement.
All over the political spectrum from Priti Patel to Ed Davey, the consensus is that this looked wrong.
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It might turn out to be an own goal by the Met.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which will be debated by MPs on Monday and Tuesday would give the Police more powers.
After yesterday, there might be a reluctance by MPs on all parties, to extend police powers, and instead reign some in. Be interesting how that debate goes, if the bill isn’t withdrawn.
// i noticed at least one lady wearing a fascist Antifa t-shirt //

Which is not in any way illegal. Being anti fascist is generally a good thing to aspire to. No one was arrested for wearing a T-shirt. But photos of 4 women at this vigil knocked to the ground by male police officers have gone all over world.
Not a good look, even the Government are shocked and The Met Chief is clinging to her job.
Who takes spray paint to a vigil ?
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\\Who takes spray paint to a vigil ?//

leftwing professional protesters who couldn't care less about the poor lady
Ironic that on the BBC news 24 live page the column down the side has a caption about Brutal treatment of Myanmar protestors right above the bit about the Sarah Everard vigil - think we have something to learn from some of these countries.

Women did not go to Clapham Common yesterday to fight the police. That is a totally disingenuous portrayal of events.//

Once again your addressing a comment to me where it seems your trying to infer I said something a have'nt said.

Am just pointing out that some hijacked the event in order to have a fight with police. The placcards for a start were a giveaway.

Just stop making things up or delibrately misinterpreting.

Lankeela, yes you are right - in part....there's also the awful Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe situation that ought to get more airtime, certainly on the political front.
The women at this vigil were breaking the law. Are we so terrified of being sexist that females are now allowed to break the law?

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Sarah Everard Vigil

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