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Paigntonian | 19:23 Sat 13th Mar 2021 | News
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While it is hugely regrettable that there has been yet another female murder victim in the UK it behoves anyone concerned about the issue to look at facts, the rates, the gender imbalance, comparisons with other countries and comparison with our own past.


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Some.are legal and some aren't, theland. A few of us were discussing it in A&N as there seem to be a lot of dog thefts around just now. Most women I know keep their keys in their hand, so anything where the only purpose isn't as a weapon should be OK.
I've seen her original speech in the HoL and her explanation of why she said it.
I think when she said it she meant it and then on reflection spun it because it was ridiculous. Before she claimed it was her intention to make people think and create discussion, she said it was because she was fatigued.

Possibly roy, recollections may differ. In any case, it's worked...
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OK. I'll spell it out if others are incapable of using Google. Very few people are the victims of murder in the UK, thankfully. Very few of the very few are women. My point is that we should put things into perspective and there's something unsettling about the Sarah bandwagon. As for what has happened this evening, it's a symptom of what I am trying to describe. The protesters were wrong in their unlawful behaviour and the police didn't handle themselves particularly well. No need for this at all. Histrionics and knee-jerk reactions that don't serve what should be dignified and persuasive contribution to a legitimate discussion. Anyone remember discussion, rather than attacking the police?
Paigntonian - // OK. I'll spell it out if others are incapable of using Google. //

Being sniffy and patronising is unlikely to win people round to your point of view, they tend to react badly to being insulted.
I can use Google... I just wasn't sure what your point was, paigntonian, and I'm still not. It's the media who decides what will sell well and everyone sees it. Sometimes it resonates with individuals, groups, and so on, because people can relate to it.
I can use google and I can provide links.

Check-mate, Pat.
Very few of the very few are women.

30% is more than 'very few'
hmm, even though you believe you "spelled it out" i am still unsure of your point - one woman's murder shouldnt be shocking because more men are murdered? No one should be upset because more people get murdered abroad?
Im just fed up with the whole issue.

30% of murders are women. So 70% of murders are men%.

Why, oh why has this murder been treated any differently to others. Because the murderer was a police officer! It got more media coverage. All murders whether to men or women are awful. Murders are happening all the time, and men are just as vulnerable or more vulnerable perhaps to be the victim of a murder by someone stronger or nastier than themselves. We all need to protect ourselves as best we can. We simply can't have a set of rules for women or for men. I am in my seventies, have led an eventful life, particularly in my younger days. I was aware of keeping myself as safe as possible, but I never considered that men should be seen as a possible threat. There are threats to all groups of people. That is what life is all about. It can't be policed. Women want equality, but this seems to be all about labelling men as a possible danger.

And what happened last night was dreadful. Dreadful that these protesters decided to do exactly what they wanted and ignore the safety of others (from possible Covid).
And I wouldn't expect any man that was walking behind me at night to cross to the other side of the road in case he was making me nervous - as has been suggested!
Violence, sometimes fatal, from violent individuals, have always occurred; and both sexes are affected by the risk it poses. It's not a case of, 'female lives matter'. I doubt there's any panacea.
Instead of carrying a weapon in self defence, I have seen advertised a device which goes on a key ring & when activated by a pull emits a very loud distress signal. If I was regularly walking alone at night in a big town or city I would certainly carry one of those & I'm a 6ft 2in male!
True OG. There is nothing that can be done except do our best to keep safe. All of us, not just women. As Dave has said he would take precautions in certain circumstances and he's a 6'2" man!

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Female Murder Rates Uk

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