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maggiebee | 14:26 Tue 09th Mar 2021 | News
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Sad to read of the death of Vicar of Dibley star Trevor Peacock aged 89. Always liked his character Jim Trott.

Although most famous for the long-running Vicar of Dibley, Peacock was also an accomplished Shakespearean actor, starring in a number off BBC productions including Titus Andronicus, Twelfth Night and Henry V.

The actor also appeared in the 1990 movie version of Hamlet and a 2000 production of Don Quixote.

And he was a successful musician and songwriter. He appeared with the Beatles in a 1964 television special Around the Beatles, and wrote a number of pop hits.


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No no no no no no no no....yes!

Very sad. Interesting you should mention his (non-Dibley) acting talents. I saw him interviewed once and he remarked (words to the effect) "I've done the lot. Shakespeare, The Old Vic, Stratford. The lot. And what you they remember me for? Bloody Jim Trott in the Vicar of Dibley!"

He wrote "Mrs Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter", a US hit for the 60's group Herman's Hermits. The song spawned a film of the same name in 1968.
Sad though that even with all he had done he will be remembered for just four words!
He was also in Quartet, one of my favourite films.
people, especially those in showbiz, are generally remembered for what they did most recently. Still, for older viewers...

// And what you they remember me for? Bloody Jim Trott in the Vicar of Dibley!"//

it paid for his daughters dance shoes for chrissakes ! thats what I never understand about these people. - X pays the leccy and they whine that King Lear never did.
Yeah King Lear never did (*)

Did he spawn the two acting lads - one who was gypsy king and married Kate M in one of the Crown spoofs ? - Daniel, Dorky or David

(*) Neil Sedaka 1962 showed his mum the cheque from O Carol! ($2600 or 26000) and she said OK, boogie woogie on saturday mronings only
I thought Gossip Calypso was Cy Grant who used to the do the calypso songs at the end of Cliff Michelmore's Tonight (**)

(*) and the next tonight will be tomorrow night, good night!
(**) the above see Lankeela's fred will be totally incomprehensible to 98% Abers who claim to be alive and conscious at this moment
Daniel and Harry, PP. Both actors, though I've never heard of them. I expect both of them would love to be in a long-running sitcom.

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Trevor Peacock

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