What Is Wrong With The Markle?

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smurfchops | 19:21 Thu 04th Mar 2021 | News
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Has she got a psychological problem? One wonders what she is going to do next .... and why is she still a ‘Duchess’ ?


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Did you intentionally type 'The Markle'?
Question Author
Yes. I can’t bring myself to call them The Duke and Duchess of ...
I feel for you, I really do.

She does have a first name.
Aye, Rachel.
Question Author
What are your views on her MamaLynne?
You may wonder - a vast number of posters on here couldn't care less.
Well that's a step up from 'The' Doug.

Quite how this is News is anyone's guess.
I don't have strong views on Harry or Meghan, I know things haven't always been managed well but I don't rush to join in all the vitriol being bounced around.

I have far more pressing things in my own life to concern myself with.
Question Author
I put it under News because she is always in The News ...
It’s news because her latest shenanigans are among the top headlines on tonight’s television news.
Question Author
Thank you Naomi
Random internet users: "I'm tired of reading about them. They're just publicity ***"

Same users create endless posts about them.

I really couldn't care less.
It's not really news in the true sense of the word though, is it?

This is a particularly large example of the gulf between public interest, and what interests the public.
And all over the papers. Hard to get away from them. And there will be no respite for gawd knows how long.
Thank you - it should be an interesting and informative thread then.
For somebody without strong views, how have you managed four posts on a 12 post thread?
It was 12 when I started typing.
Until something news worthy comes along, papers have lines that need filling.
Gotta work on that speed, Dd. :-P
DD, I do have strong views about rudeness and disrespect - those I have never kept secret.

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What Is Wrong With The Markle?

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