What Is The Real Death Figure For Covid?

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10ClarionSt | 19:52 Mon 01st Mar 2021 | News
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This question was the main headline on the front of the Daily Mail on Saturday, Feb 27th followed up by a 4-page feature inside. Relatives of some dead people are angry because they say their deceased relative didn't have Covid but it appears on their death certificate. Some say they had tested negative. So what is the real figure? Users of this website will already know that I think the figures are lies, exaggeration and alarmist. They are though, aren't they?


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You know when you see a thread title in the recent posts list and know exactly who started it.

Yeah, that. Your constant ranting is getting boring now 10CS.
10C, how do you know that 'the figures are lies, exaggeration and alarmist'?
Opinions are one thing, but bald assertions are another!
yeah one of my neighbours appealed to the coroner that his mmother hadnt died from Covid but had drunk herself to death !

the best estimate is the excess death calculation
and that was why David the Spieg Spiegenhalter got so much stick as he said the covid deaths followed the natural deaths for that aged population WITHOUT defining that they were the EXCESS deaths.

so everything was double.

I am pretty sure it is in excess of 100 000. but so what really?
A great man once said "opinions are like assertions".

At least I think it was assertions.
The best guide is almost certainly the number of excess deaths since March 2020, compared to the figures which would be expected in a 'normal' year.

There don't seem to be any fully up-to-date figures but, in England alone, the total had reached 98,232 :

Allowing for the passage of time since then, and adding in deaths from the other three nations within the UK, suggests that the number of deaths associated with Covid might have been somewhat under-reported.
douglas, a private message to you. I am sure your post was excellent, but I didn't get it. (I'm being serious, but being serious can be mistaken for lacking a sense of humour). Can you rescue me?
^^^ Erratum: My middle paragraph should have ended with "by mid-February".
In the last year I know four people who have died. Two died from heart attacks. Straightforward, no complications, no mention of Covid. But...the other two both had Covid on their death certificates. Neither had been tested; both died in places where there was no known outbreak (one in hospital, one in a care home). One had no symptoms of Covid whatsoever (she was 95 and could have died of anything at any time and nobody would have been surprised). The other had suffered serious lung disease for five or more years and was given less than six months to live some eight months earlier. Again, nobody was surprised that she died. She obviously had severe breathing difficulties but otherwise she displayed no symptoms of Covid.

I know that since they had not been tested they would not appear on the figures that are published each day. But they would have been included in the higher figure where Covid is mentioned on the death certificate. I don't know why and neither does anybody else.
I think without doubt some deaths have been recorded as Covid when it was something else but I think there is zero point in querying why. Even a lot of members of this site seem almost desperate to have this pandemic recognised as near apocalyptic and I guess so does the government for some reason so the figures need to be as awful as possible.
Yawn! Another Tin Hat thread! PMSL!
Atheist, this (cautiously tinyurlised) may help
it didn't. Try this
There are three measures. All give morealess the same result
- covid on death cert
- died within 28 days of a posative test. This would of missed some covid cases as few tests were done in the first couple of months
- excess deaths
SO around 120000. If your looking for something which shows its really only 50000 then your going to be disappointed.
If your hoping its not much worse than flu thats normally less than 20000 so again miles out
I'm still waiting to see the figures for deaths by meteaorite tho as youve assured us several times that if your young theres more chance of being hit by a meteorite than dying of covid. Why are they hiding this data from us
Perhaps 10CS lives just north of Cheltenham, Bobb?

Because it's been raised by the poster that it has, then total dismissal and ridicule is OK I suppose?? So the people in that article (and New Judge come to that) are lying?
It might well be true that some non-Covid related deaths have been included in the Covid totals, it's just as likely (if not more so) that some deaths with Covid as an underlying cause haven't been as such. That's why it's important to look at the excess death figures overall, which will largely compensate for any such statistical anomalies either way.

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What Is The Real Death Figure For Covid?

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