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Paigntonian | 20:35 Fri 26th Feb 2021 | News
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The US says it's taking action against 76 Saudis after revelations about the Saudi crown prince being involved in the torture and death of a journalist. That means it might restrict their movements. That's all. Should we not look forward to the US cancelling their enormous arms deals with the fascist dictatorship of the House of Saud and should the US not pressure the foul regime to cease stoning women to death for adultery when they have been raped?


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meanwhile behind the doors go billion dollar arms deals... life is cheap
always remember saudis are fickle, russia or china can arm them..
they are only fear us retalition, that would reduce what is basically a fake monarchy, ie camel riders, there's no real as such monarchy, anachronism if america wanted they could just take the whole region.
fender why would USA take out Saudi? What would be the gain?
I doubt that the three inviolate rules of diplomacy (as used by all nations, including the UK) will ever change:

1. Never pick a fight with a country that's got nuclear weapons ;
2. Never pick a fight with a country that's got a bigger army than yours has ; and
3. Never pick a fight with a country that's got oil.
Think No3 is the most poinient question / reason.
No 3: er, the Gulf Wars?
For one ...

It might not be exactly a big stick but it’s progress from the previous president’s schmoozing.

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