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dannyk13 | 12:28 Wed 24th Feb 2021 | News
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Not looking very good for him:-



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did not the labour party realise he was as dull as ditch water when they voted for him?
I can't open the link.
Agree ael. He has absolutely no personality or oooomph. But who is there in the Labour party now who would be any better?
“ Starmer's approval rating with the public now sits at 0, with Boris on 3 per cent”

I agree that these are difficult times for Starmer - we should really be glad that the PM’s ratings are higher anyway as it implies that things are going well in a crisis.

But if 0% v 3% is leadership crisis then I’m Keir Hardie :-)
the labour shadow cabinet looks like a list of faceless wonders to me but whoever leads will inherit the poisoned chalice . . .

Agree again ael.
We need a good opposition party and I can't see it happening. Avoid opposition is essential.
'A good' not 'avoid'
Just to say again, these closely matched personal popularity polls are meaningless.
Rishi Sunak’s is plus 30 ;-)
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ich, harly call it meaningless when one of them is on zero.
I don't see him as dull so much as totally guarded...I get and approve that he wants to keep his family out of politics but you have to show something of yourself to the public.
He always looks very nervous to me. Guarded is perhaps applicable Woofie. But charisma is essential as is confidence. He shows no leadership qualities.
Zero just means as many approve as disapprove.

“ The Opposition Leader's approval rating with the public now sits at 0, meaning the public is equally split over whether they approve, disapprove or are indifferent to his efforts.”

Surely figures are meaningless at this point in time. When's the next election due? Also Boris's popularity no doubt helped by the fantastic roll out of vaccinations - just about the only thing he's done right throughout the whole pandemic. IMVHO, of course.
I agree apc. I find it quite surprising given that he practiced as a barrister.
In fact the popularity rating is the least bad thing in that report. Odd that the Mail those it as their headline.
The “more competent PM” and “who would you vote for” are more meaningful.
Johnson’s personal rating is also not great compared to his chancellor.
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ich, no doubt that Rishi Sunak's popularity stems from his lavish spending.
makes a change, a few weeks ago lefties like gulliver were predicting that Boris would be forced out and a GE called and Captain H would sweep to power! oh dear!

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