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Apc2604 | 13:33 Tue 23rd Feb 2021 | News
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Whilst there is no surety and only guesstimates about the lockdown roadmap and also no real knowledge of what will be in other countries, would you be booking a holiday?

Are holidays that important?


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Not booking any holidays until this is all over.
Question Author
Same here Barry.
Mine are already booked, transferred from last year but if they weren't I'm not sure I'd be doing it quite so soon.
As to the second question, maybe I'm alone but yes holidays to me are very very important. Normally my whole working year revolves around booking and going on holidays.
If i had a mind to, i would book a 'staycation'. However, a trip abroad could still be a bit dicey due to other countries being quite a way behind us on vaccinations.
Same as Prudie, got one in the bag ,a cancellation from last year , and being a retired couple, we love our holidays , if we get, it's a bonus, my OH is almost 80 so holidaying is important to us
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Fair enough Prudie but personally all the hastle that will apply to air travel would spoil any holiday overseas for me and all the uncertainty wouldn't be worth it. Airports these days are a nightmare. We were both airline staff fact back in our younger days, and we both avoid air travel now.
//Not booking any holidays until this is all over.//

What do you define as "all over"?

Yes, holidays are important. They are an important break from the humdrum of life. Some people's lives are extremely humdrum, especially those working in repetitive or boring jobs. They need a break from their jobs and their routine.

Those who don't feel the need for holidays do not need to take them. They're not compulsory. But just about everything that has been restricted in the last year seems to be dismissed as "not important." Well if large numbers of people continue to be deprived of the thinks that are not important for longer than is necessary large scale mental health problems will ensue. Many people are not living at the moment. They are simply existing. They sleep, they eat, they shop for essentials and they go back to sleep. Living entails more than just remaining alive. It involves participating in some activities that are "not important."
Apart from mask wearing and possibly pre-testing I won't find the airport any more hassle than before.
NJ, I mean when I can travel, eat out, socialise - enjoy all the amenities - restriction free. No social distancing, no face masks.
Question Author
I suppose living in a rather lovely holiday environment adds to our attitude. Life is one long holiday. I might feel differently if I lived in a town or city. However, I wouldn't be making plans for this summer. How do we know what the rules and regulations will be in our chosen location or how safe it will be?
Agree with Barry. What's the point of going away when it can all change in the blink of an eye?
I'm desperate for a holiday.
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Agree Ken. My friend in Spain age 70 has no idea when she will get a vaccination. In fact she wants to sell up and get home to the UK asap.
I think while there are still good reasons to wear masks, keep distance and so on globally, I don't see that doing it abroad would be any kind of relaxing break
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If we go away at all this year it will be a break in North Yorkshire about September, but won't be planning anything.
It very much depends what you'd want to do abroad. If you like to sight see or visit galleries and cities then I can see the mask wearing and restrictions might spoil it. If like me though you want to spend all day on a beach and then eat outside at local restaurant it has very little impact. I know because I did 2 weeks of it in September when we were allowed to go. You don't wear masks on the beach, by the pool or eating - obviously. The impact was minimal.
I was thinking of painting a mask-sized off white square on my face and staring at myself in the mirror until I convinced myself that I'd been back to the Costas.

It'll save me hundreds in the end.
I did it last October when travel wasn't restricted ,wearing a mask didn't bother us ( me and a friend) you only wore it if you were walking around and in shops , you didn't need to on the beach or in a bar/ eatery
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Totally agree Woofgang!
//NJ, I mean when I can travel, eat out, socialise - enjoy all the amenities - restriction free. No social distancing, no face masks./

Then you’re in for a long wait, Barry. Especially for the abandonment of face coverings. As I said in another thread, I expect them never to be decriminalised. They will simply fade from use.

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