Uni Students And Lockdown

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Cloverjo | 08:57 Tue 23rd Feb 2021 | News
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Amongst the PM’s ‘great news’ about the roadmap for coming out of lockdown I saw no mention of university students. I know most unis have already said no F2F learning or socialising until September, but come on! These kids should be having the times of their lives - not stuck in their childhood bedrooms or uni rooms peering into a computer all day.
Why not get them out and back to campus so they can salvage something from this miserable year?

[I’ve put this in News because it’s news that students haven’t been mentioned in the news]


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Because they are an age group that mix in huge groups, sleep together etc ans so covid spreads like wildfire and they also come into contact with cleaners, landlords, tutors, maintenance staff, office staff, shop workers, bus drivers
But its a shame as the student experiance is more about living away from home and meeting others rather than just the studying
My advice to my children would of been to take a a year or two off studying until they can return fulltime
The main weapon against this pandemic is social distancing, certainly until the effects of the vaccines kick in.
I don't trust the British public and especially students.
It is that simple.
I heard him mention uni students - practical courses can go back, others have to remain online
Hopefully by September all uni students will have been offered both jabs and most will take it up so things can get back to something like normal
//These kids should be having the times of their lives...//

These "kids" (i.e. young adults) should either get a job or spend three years (and twenty-seven grand plus) studying for their chosen degree. I recall last year when there was doubt that students would resume in October (or whenever it is their summer break ended) that the biggest disaster for the first years was that they would miss the "University Freshers' Experience" (aka going out on the lash and coming home nissed as pewts). Sorry, but if sacrifices have to be made there's a simple way for them to do their bit. Most of them have little in the way of f-t-f tuition anyway and they can undertake their studies at home.
You are unlikely to get much sympathy here I'm afraid.

As for not trusting the "British public", the "British public" despite some high profile exceptions are doing a pretty good job of observing restrictions and students were complying just as much as anyone else.
It was always shameful that the rise in cases was blamed on people holding parties etc.
Ichkeria, we will have to agree to differ.
Most universities continued to charge nine grand a year while delivering lectures over Zoom to students sharing squalid accommodation at close quarters. Not much going on there to prevent Covid.
"My advice to my children would of been to take a a year or two off studying until they can return fulltime"
but what would they have done bobbin? no casual jobs at the moment
Plus its not as easy as that these days. If you take time off you have to reapply for a student loan and restart you course from the beginning. You are only allowed one year off if your course allows you to do a work placement as its classed as part of your course and has to be work associated with what you are studying. order to protect other peoples lives it is important that campuses don't open yet. Too much mingling (and who would blame them - we were all young n slightly reckless once) and that risks the other demographics.
Campuses are open......for those vulnerable students who have no suitable other accommodation, and for those doing practical courses like medicine.
Yes - what I meant (and oughta have said) is that campuses are closed for "most" students.
One of the permanent changes which may come about as a result of this is that the country may abandon the ridiculous idea that so many young people need a university education. They don't. Only about 10% to 15% of positions in this country actually need a degree level education in order to be effective in the job. But the problem is that many employers have used a degree (often in a "Micky Mouse" subject) to sort the wheat from the chaff. It needs to stop and then the four fifths of graduates who begin their working life flipping burgers in McDonalds will not be so disappointed.

However, I digress.
Completely agree NJ! Also we know of 2 people (a married couple) both with a degree who INTENTIONALLY have not got high paid employment. This is so that they do not have to pay back their student loans. I think(correct me if im wrong) that they only need to pay it back if they earn over a certain amount and that after X amount of years it is wiped off anyway. One works in a call centre, the other is a waiter (both by choice - not cos they couldn't find anything else)
'Also we know of 2 people (a married couple) both with a degree who INTENTIONALLY have not got high paid employment.'

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Why would you stay skint so that you don't have to repay a loan? It makes no sense at all.
AuntPolly it is not the case that students taking time off have to start their course again from the beginning. Students can take "Leave of Absence" from their studies for a year (or more in special cases) and can resume their studies where they left off. Yes, students get a year out if they have a work-related placement but that is not the same as Leave of Absence.
//but what would they have done bobbin? no casual jobs at the moment//
Stay living at home for an extra year, Sign up with an agency? Do voluntary work? spend a year getting fit? Online training? Set up there own business designing websites, or becoming an influencer, being a professional gamer.
Of course if they prefer to sit in a room learning online and using student loans thats there choice but my suggestion would of been wait until Sept and get the wider student experiance

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Uni Students And Lockdown

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