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10ClarionSt | 08:13 Tue 23rd Feb 2021 | News
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....not the details of the easing of lockdown. I couldn't see any mention of facemasks. You know, those things that have served no purpose. There was no requirement to wear them in the first lockdown, and the numbers fell to almost single figures. Then, it became compulsory, and the figures shot up! These are facts, ppl. Wot? The figures would have been worse without facemasks, I hear you say. How do you know that? Have people been having premonitions?


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Dont worry you still have to wear your face mask for at least the next few months when shopping but not on the golf course, but rules saying nothing about having to wash yours.
Once again you have proved that more rain falls because of sales of umbrella and winter coats
Next time you're up for medical treatment, tell the medics you don't want them to wear masks.
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The Chair, what makes you think I'll be going for medical treatment anywhere, anytime? Anyway, medical people wear REAL PPE, not the cheap gubbins you see in the supermarket entrance at 10 for a fiver, which are useless and can be seen discarded everywhere, these days.

I must educate you about golf Bob. You clearly know absolutely nothing. But then again, I suppose it's only if you want educating.
The trouble with wearing a mask is noone can see your smirking- unless yours is so worn out its see through.
Wht not buy a medical grade mask and do your bit as your such an expert on masks. Or just wear 2 clean ones as doubling is effective.
scientific wisdom (reported in various news outlets over past weeks) suggest that mask wearing will not end with the current restrictions, and will be with us forever.
//Next time you're up for medical treatment, tell the medics you don't want them to wear masks.//

Why is this continually mentioned every time face coverings are discussed?

Medics wear medical grade face masks which are very effective (in both directions). One of the reasons they do so is that they are often in very close proximity to patients who may either be ill or who have open wounds. Passing somebody in the Cornflakes isle in Tesco’s does not present the same peril. Non-medics are not advised to purchase them so as to retain supplies for those who actually need them.

Yes I agree that face coverings will not be decriminalised. They will simply fade away when people get fed up with wearing them for no reason.
Actually I don't mind wearing a mask - nature didn't give me a "happy" face & I got fed up of folks asking me why I'm so sad!
I fully expect to see many people still wearing a mask in a years time, even when it is no longer required.
If it's demonstrated that the public wearing masks provides so little difference that any change is in the statistical noise, as is the case, how is wearing a mask 'doing your bit' ? It's merely being manipulated into saying how grand the emperor's new clothes are.
It is not the politicians who are pushing face masks to reduce the spread of covid, it is the medical establishment. The UK Government is following SAGE’s advice. WHO, the CDC, the BMA are all recommending them. Epidemiologists and virologists, around the world wear masks. They were doing so before covid based on their experience with SARS, Ebola and MERS outbreaks.
(ive said it before) masks are good - ONLY if they are worn correctly. Too many of us touch our faces, reuse masks, leave masks in the bottom of our handbags etc.

I think masks incorrectly used spread more germs.
It's not hard to see that by the end of this year, Covid will have been assimilated into the medical system, and the public perception, in the same was as flu.

You can have a jab, if you have the infection, it may be nasty, if you are old and have other conditions, it may kill you, otherwise, you can just ignore it.
// I think masks incorrectly used spread more germs. //

Incorrectly worn masks are the same as not wearing a mask, but the notion that they increase the spread doesn’t follow.
As for touching your face spreading covid, there is no evidence of that.
// As for touching your face spreading covid, there is no evidence of that. //

not directly perhaps, but touching your face does make you more susceptible to being infected. in becoming infected, you yourself will then become a vector for further spread.
Self contamination is one of the biggest problems with "ordinary" people wearing face coverings. Medics are trained and disciplined in their use. Joe Public is not. I have related on here the advice I was given by the nursing director of a large West Country hospital and won't go into it again. Suffice it to say that I am more prepared to take her advice than I am to take almost anybody else's.
If any of you lot can remember as far back as when you used to go to work.. think about it!
Do you recall that once someone in the office got a cold, everyone in the office got it. This winter I don't know of one person who has got a cold.. is it anything to do with everyone wearing masks ?
Or has there been no common colds around?
Rubbing your eyes, and touching your face are completely different things.
Of the covid prevention measures, sanitising your hands is probably the most pointless. Most of the contagion is from airborne infection, breathing in the virus. Touching an inanimate object and then poking your eyes or putting your fingers in your mouth is a very ineffective way of spreading, and probably accounts for very few transmissions.
Face masks do prevent cross infection from respiratory viruses......the Asians have known it for decades.
The masks must be used properly, it is not complex so try harder and make an effort.

It was confusing for Joe Public at the start of the pandemic, concerning the efficacy of face masks as the medics couldn't agree. Now it is almost universally agreed amongst the medical profession that wearing a mask correctly reduces cross infection. Do it for Christ's sake.
Yesterday, it was announced in the DT that those of us who wear glasses are one third less likely to be infected as we can't rub our eyes so much, so fingers etc are a part of the interaction - and, as to masks, wear them properly.....the Asians wear them in part to prevent incoming infection and as social respect in not passing on anything.
The glasses ‘theory’ was linked to earlier. I think it is rubbish. The study was in India on a small sample (about 300 people). Of those 20% wore glasses. All the sample had covid. People with glasses rubbed their eyes less. That proves nothing about how they were infected or not infected.

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