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how i have missed them

the screaming the shouting and hair pulling .....
All looks fine and dandy then - no mention of the end of the world the remoaners promised.
Unless you're unfortunate enough to live in Northern Ireland.
unless you count Covid
yes yes I know it isnt related but is the nearest we have had to purpura ( 400BC that is, athens) Black Death Plague spanish flu this century

and you know a lot of people are dying
I love the fact that the DUP is challenging the NI protocol in the courts on the grounds that it - get this - endangers the Good Friday Agreement.
This was the agreement the DUP opposed tooth and nail for years
They also campaigned for Brexit.
"1,000 EU finance firms 'set to open UK offices" - that's funny, last week they were telling us that London was closing down and EUSSR cities were taking over. Good job I work on the custody system for one of the worlds largest banks isn't it!
We've got Brexit to thank for our success in the vaccine situation.
I wish we could export Sadiq Khan to Brussels, or get a vaccine against him!
Unfortunately more firms leaving the UK for Europe than vice-versa.I have recieved my 90 day redundancy notice.Boss still hopeful however.Just not a lot of fish being landed up here in Scotland.The boats prefer Denmark now.What Scotland loses,Denmark gains i suppose:-(
i watched a piece on the fishing industry the other day, seems no one is happy, they said almost to a man, they have been sold out. And that it spells the death knell to the industry. I thought that Boris and Co had done a proper deal for the fishing industry but seems not. I didn't get any further than that...
The fishing industry it seems isn't big enough to care about.
Fins can only get better.
Aye,i wish,Dougie.Another victim of the "Brexit success story"is our Scottish seed potato industry,made millions of pounds for the Scottish economy by selling to thanks to Brexit red tape and the Europeans regarding Britain as a"third"state outside the single market they have stopped buying our seed ptatos and are looking elsewhere.Their club,their rules.
Will we not reciprocate?
"We've got Brexit to thank for our success in the vaccine situation. "

Britain has handled the situation much better than the EU, but I don't think that is because of Brexit specifically.
It may be that the UK was acting more in an "independent spirit" and felt it had something to prove, but the vaccine task force for example was helped along by yhr fact that the UK has an advanced scientific and epidemiological base. In fact that was as I recall the reason many said the UK would be better able to cope with a pandemic : in fact that turned out not to be the case, as there were other more significant factors.
Brexit, what with handling of how to do it, the arguments over it, the wrangling and the initial post-Brexit situation, has been a disaster so far, from day one post-referendum onward. but it is too early to say whether it will remain that way.
St least we snatched back democracy. Why do appointees get do much support ?
The DUP were unlikely to support the NI protocol as part of the Brexit deal though. It was a concession to the EU as they said they wanted to avoid a hard Ireland border but wouldn't accept anything else except this protocol. Still, the NI assembly can change things in the future.

Any companies leaving the UK will be missing opportunities here, but will get replaced and the leavers then find it harder to reestablish themselves back here in the future.

The fishing industry will see things improve but the concession was that it wouldn't be immediate. Couldn't win everything but ought to have stood firmer on promises to the fishing industry.

Markets come and markets go. There's a world out there to sell seed potatoes to. Just need to market hard and get over the transition period.
The fishing industry needs to rearrange itself.

Pre-Brexit we imported 80% of the fish that we consume and exported 80% of the fish that we catch. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that something can be done with that part of the 80% which, apparently, the EU no longer wants and it can be offset by our needing to import less fish. It should be done before the continental restaurants begin to reopen and the Parisians find their favourite restaurants are devoid of UK landed fish.

Quite frankly it is preposterous that an island nation such as this is importing 80% of its fish products and the sooner that imbalance is redressed the better.
And I forgot to add that I think the businesses which are facing difficulties now spent the last four years labouring under the misapprehension that everything would simply carry on as it did before we left. That was never the intention and was never the point of Brexit. The point was to change ditch the status quo because overall it was not in our best interests. Those businesses were not helped by successive government attempts to retain as much of that status quo as possible and so give the impression that little would change.
// NI protocol was a concession to the EU //

The NI protocol was because the British Government didn’t want the expense and hassle of a hard border. Brexit was supposed to be about taking back control of our borders, and at the first test we put our hands up and said we dan’t afford to.

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