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// I doubt it suits many people in Northern Ireland or people in GB who trade with them. //

Northern Ireland voted Remain, so they wanted things to remain as they were. People in England (not Scotland) voted for Brexit, so they have got what they voted for. The people of Northern Ireland do not want an internal hard border, so they are happy with the compromise the NI Protocol gives them.
NI remaining in the single market offends ardent Euro sceptics, but they have not been able to come up with a credible alternative. The DUP are clueless and contrary. Boris is happy because he has a workable Brexit. Dublin is happy because the Island of Ireland is being treated as United.
Another one to keep an eye on is the EUSSR request to delay ratification of "the agreement". Remember that? The agreement that everybody was in such a lather over, that had to be conducted at the speed of light with no time to delay, and no room for manoeuvre? It now transpires that the EUSSR has not prepared the paperwork, their end, so cannot sign it off next Sunday on the 28th on the agreed deadline. We should tell em to do one and revert to the no agreement status giving us trade on Global terms rather than theirs. We negotiated in good faith once more only to find that again they were lying and no such accord was reached.
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Well that's easy for you to spout behind your hero xx

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