Do You Obey The Current Lock Down Restrictions Only Because Of The Threat Of A Fine?

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dave50 | 19:10 Wed 10th Feb 2021 | News
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Do people obey the current lock down restrictions simply because they don't want to get caught and fined or do they feel they have a moral obligation to obey? How many would break the restrictions in order to visit family and friends if it was not illegal to do so? Personally I admit that I would have probably made a personal judgement of the risks involved and gone ahead with visiting family if we considered it safe but of course we can't because it is illegal.


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Virtual signal: I've obeyed it completely to save my and other people's lives.

I would be interested in what your "personal judgement" was based on.
No and No , it's those people that shamelessly spread the virus
We observe the lockdown rules because it's the best thing to do as a family. We all want to stay safe and well.
I don't need the threat of a fine to stop me acting selfishly and recklessly.
I’ve followed the regulations to keep myself and others safe.
You missed out the question regarding transmission of the virus. How do you determine if it is safe to visit family?

My reasons have nothing to do with money. It's to do with preventing transmission of an invisible killer.
I have obeyed the lockdown because it’s the right thing to do. However, should my father had been ill this year I am not sure if I would have been so compliant
I have obeyed the rules religiously. I must confess to having a couple of friends who think it's still okay to visit me and are very annoyed when I don't let them in. In fact, one friend is now not talking to me.
We've stayed home and not seen friends or family for weeks now, all because we don't want to put ourselves or our friends and family at risk.

I follow the rules mainly to protect my own health (but also that of others too).

However there are some elements of the rules that I follow simply because I might get fined if I didn't. For example, I'd like to drive to a deserted area of the coast (which would be easy enough to do here in East Anglia) and go for a walk by the sea. I'd only do so if there was nobody else within several hundred metres of me, so I wouldn't be risking my health or that of others. I'm not going to do so though, because (with my luck) I'd probably get pulled over by Pc Plod and fined a couple of hundred quid for leaving my home without good cause.

So the 'important' things in the rules (which actually affect people's health) I'm following because "I feel I ought to" (although I don't really know whether that can actually be counted as 'complying with a moral obligation' when it's mainly my own health that I'm thinking about!).

The things that 'don't really matter', but which are still law anyway (such as not visiting a deserted beach), I'm doing simply to avoid being fined.
I obey the lock down cos it's no big deal for me. I can still food shop, my family don't live close & all I've missed is the odd night out for a beer or a curry with mates.
I have kept to t h e rules because I am an unsociable old bat with a personal space requirement equivalent to the Kuiper belt. It's great no social touching, no feeling uncomfortable because friends want to hug on meeting etc, no one sitting next to me on the bus, or looking over my shoulder in queues.
We have stuck with the rules My grandson was recently diagnosed with covid and I just wanted to jump in the car - they don't live close by - and help him and his wife and family - but of course I can't. I try to do my 'bit' by shopping for people who can't get out
Rowanwitch that could have been written by me!
I have kept the rules and will continue to do so. Many of the examples of when people would "break the rules" are actually allowed under the heading of providing emergency assistance and providing care for vulnerable people, also obtaining goods and services for someone who is disabled or vulnerable.
I have kept to the rules despite an inclination to visit family and also to help youngest when she was ill. However must admit to a couple of walks on the beach when deserted.
Yes, to look after myself and others especially family, particularly my mum who havent seen for 2 months and my children and famlies (6 months but there over the border so no chance. Its so easy to pick it up however carefull we are and would hate to infect my mum or friends wife whose vunerable.
If anything am more careful than last Spring- having been so carefull it would be silly to risk things now before getting the vaccinne and hopefully some normality by summer
Lankeela, I think there are a few more who feel the same just don't admit it.
been good here and starting to go stir-fry crazy, not least because of the weather...Lockdown 1 coincided with a lovely spell of Spring weather down here so it was easy to get out and walk - and I got a surreptitious drawing in - or 3.
I obey the rules but it does seem a bit pointless at times. People in my household are still going to work which is near on impossible to social distance.

I had a stay in hospital and was issued with anti bacterial wipes for face and hands. So I bought more off the internet. They are by the front door and everyone knows to use them before coming in.

I can't stop my kids coming round but they do distancing in here but I've just watched a clip of my son at work. He got stuck in the mud and was being helped distancing there!! Funny clip though.
Stick to the rules but sick to the back teeth with all of it. Especially as I can’t see a dentist about my back teeth.

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