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TTT - A prerequisite of belonging to the hard left is to see the world through a haze of nostalgia, longing to return to a world that, in reality never actually existed. If you can so willfully bend the sense of reality you bring to your political views, then the idea that the rest of the nation is actually in agreement, but is stopped from voting for you for reasons...
13:23 Mon 08th Feb 2021
As Sir Winston Churchill said, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

If you have even a cursory look at the Labour past, you have -

Michael Foot - unelectable - far left and out of touch and completely unapealing
Tony Blair - centre right - hugely successful - at first
Ed Milliband - unelectable - completely unappealing
Jeremy Corbyn unelectable - far left and out of touch and completely unappealing
Keir Starmer - slightly more centerist, out of touch, unappealing.

The only success was Blair, who understood the aspirational attitudes of modern Labour voters and exploited it to huge success.

Corbyn, as I pointed out on another thread, has about as much idea of what modern Labour voters want as I have about the dark side of the moon - and paid the price for living in a fantasy past that never existed, and being utterly out of touch with anything north of the M25.

Now Labour want to repeat that failure by appointing another Corbyn who is cut from the same cloth, has the same Marxist fantasies, and will lose the next election for the same reasons they lost the last one.

Now I am not a politician, but i can work that out for myself simply by looking at what has happened, and understanding why.

The powers-that-be in the Labour Party have a vested interest in simply not seeing what has happened and why, because it goes against their core beliefs, however whimsical and far-fetched those ideas are.

Politics is about pragmatism - ignoring what you'd like, and dealing with what you've got.

Corbyn was singularly unable to embrace that simple concept, and there is no doubt that McDonnell will be similarly blind and deaf.
I dont think that McDonnell is any less a supporter and/or apologist of the IRA scums many crimes than Corbyn was.If the Labour Party was stupid enough to have him as a leader,then the party is doomed.
All very silly
Keir Starmer isn’t going to be forced out
// Labour jitters over Sir Keir Starmer deepened last night as Left-wingers urged key Corbyn ally John McDonnell to stand if the party leader is forced out. //

Who writes this rubbish? More worrying, who believes a word of it?

Starmer will not be forced out. If there was an election today McDonnell would not get past the first round.
Question Author
Sunk //McDonnell would not get past the first round.//
That's what they said about Corbyn and look how that turned out.
Probably thanks to a lot of Tories who paid £5 to become members of the Labour Party to cause mischief by voting for Corbyn knowing that if the old scarecrow became their leader then Labour was up" this ceekr " (anagram)without a paddle.
I thought McDonnell was the danger man because he managed to keep his left-wing extremism more under wraps than did Corbyn. Fortunately Corbyn was so awful that McD went down with him.
Some Tories did that but it didn’t affect the result.
That was the opportunists taking advantage of the ridiculous voting system Ed Miliband bequeathed to the party.
Both were IRA terrorist apologists.Hell mend them.
^To Dave
The Labour Leadership Election was just 9 months ago.
Starmer got more than twice the number of votes than the lefty candidate.

I’m not a Starmer fan. But he seems to be doing OK. Not anything worth resigning or sacking for.
Kiers playing a blinder for me. Yes his gift of hindsight annoys some opponents but what else can he say. Hes just whats needed- calm, clever, decisive with his party, reasonable, centrist when needed but left at heart
Given the importance of image, SKS should get some medical intervention for that nasal voice, similar to the hooterisk gratings of Redstone, he of bacon butty notoriety.
//...and being utterly out of touch with anything north of the M25.//

Anything north of Highbury Corner in reality.
@16.09...and not being an IRA stooge helps...
Unadulterated capitalism is cruel, and needs government to regulate it, but with as soft a touch as possible.
Unadulterated leftism is cruel, and ignores the will and aspirations of the voters, preferring instead identity politics, which entails assaults on our freedoms.
SKS needs to ditch leftism and the identity politics it brings, and address the concerns of the many, the real many, not the imaginary ones.
New Judge - // //...and being utterly out of touch with anything north of the M25.//

Anything north of Highbury Corner in reality. //

I bow to your superior knowledge of London!

Starmer being labour leader is set in stone for the moment. Well until Easter at least.

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