Uk Trade Deal

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dannyk13 | 15:23 Fri 05th Feb 2021 | News
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Aha, just the slippery slope.
They'll be a nation state before you know it

Yes it's just a joke so don't get alarmed ...
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ich//Yes it's just a joke so don't get alarmed ...//
I won't.
It will not involve free movement so I imagine brexiters will be delighted (although Farage was very critical about CPTPP a few years ago i wonder if he'll change his tune... he said it was aspiring to be the EU on a global scale - so ichkeria's joke may not be so funny after all).

CPTPP is very likely to require a reduction in our food standards in order for British agriculture to remain competitive:

Whichever path we now choose it will come with difficult choices.
But I don't reckon this kind of thing was important to brexiters... despite their protestations the vote to leave was all about reducing immigration. So long as that happens they'll be happy even if it means we're worse off. Oh well, we've done it now.
As those who were adults at the time will remember, if they care to, when the UK joined the ECM/EU much was made (in the UK media) of how the ECM/EU would now benefit from the UK's experience/wisdom/leadership/superiority. The UK never became the EU's de facto policy decider and/or most significant nation/leader. Those who resented membership from the outset gathered more adherents and Brexit was the outcome.

If the UK joins the CPTPP then taking the same attitude there as within the EU might easily become loaded with friction, as within the EU. The amount of trade with the CPTPP is tiny by comparison with the EU so some might say gambling the reputation inside CPTPP won't matter a lot. Maybe worth hoping that the Empire will re-emerge ?
So we are in fingers crossed now ,brilliant what a great result .
Nae thanks tae the SNP eejits though WeeCalf.....
It was funny when Private Eye did it first...
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I wonder if they like seafood over there.I can just see the lorries setting off from Aberdeen.Hong-Kong look out,here we come.

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Uk Trade Deal

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