Brexit: 71 Pages Of Paperwork For 1 Lorry Of Fish

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Roobaba | 14:26 Fri 05th Feb 2021 | News
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BBC News Brexit: 71 pages of paperwork for 1 lorry of fish

The title says it all, B-exit equals more paperwork not less!!

Examples of less paperwork.. streamlined modern systems??


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Teething problems.
Huh,teething problems.Thank God ill soon be retiring(well 6 years).The peeps i work with wont be so lucky.But quite a lot of them voted Brexit and also vote SNP,so to Hell with them.They voted themselves out of a job.Rant over.
Yanny Fanny you can be quite obnoxious at times. I'm all right Jack!
"Rant over. "

Oh if only :-)
If it was a lot less than 71 pages someone would of been on complaining about the lack of detail
17.4 million people voted for it.
It is the will of the people.
And this is just the start up of brexit . Can't bear to think what it will be like in the Uk in 6 months from now, Ration books , shortage of supplies, but plenty of Turkeys for those who voted for Christmas.
Danny, best get yourself ready for a trip to the Dentist.
Yet another outrageously stupid post by Gulliver.Where is the proof that any of this will happen.
// Ration books , shortage of supplies, but plenty of Turkeys for those who voted for Christmas.//
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considering how vociferously pro-Brexit some British fisherfolk were, the moral is "be careful what you wish for".

I'm not sure this is just teething. As a comparatively small industry, fisheries were always in line to be expandable.

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gulliver, this is News not the childish insults section
@13.42&13.44.Suck it up babes,suck it up.I dont want any lectures from you two.Brexit,Covid-19,IndyRef2....all we need now is the four horsemen of the apcalypse charging over the hill.
These are not so much teething problems as seething problems. The EU is seething with the realisation that one of its cash cows (sorry "most valued members") has had the temerity to leave and take its contributions with them. As soon as the Euromaniacs realise that their childish behaviour (e.g. ensuring a vet is on hand to oversee the landing of oysters caught in British waters) is harming Continental customers as much if not more than those in the UK, it will decline. The French are quite happy to see the fish their trawlers hoover up from British waters easily landed in France without such nonsense; when they realise they don't have enough of it I believe it will be quietly ditched.
14.51 Don't let it get you down Bobin , evertime I read one of your posts I think it's the Joke section . and can't stop laughing.
Good point from New Judge. There wanting to make things more difficult than they need to be for now just to deter other countrys from thinking of leaving, but there not going to be able to keep all of it up
You shoudnt hold your breath,NJ.As we speak Scottish fishermen are already landing their seafood in Denmark(where formerly it was landed at Peterhead)to be processed by Danish workers(instead of us Scottish workers) to be forwardered to Spain.I am expecting my redundancy notice shortly.Thanks again.
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Brexit: 71 Pages Of Paperwork For 1 Lorry Of Fish

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