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It's awfull to vulnerable people targeted just scum
Question Author
The two arrested were 56/57, not kids ! probably grandparents as well
What are they doing, probably teaching there family as well
Question Author
I'd reckon so Tony
Nice to see the police taking this seriously and doing policing. Well done officers.
You can’t blame the lockdown their bottom-feeding scumminess, as without doubt they were the scum of the earth before C19 was even a thing.
Nothing to do with lock down, this sort of burglary has always happened.
Covid: Barnsley nurse burgled while working 12-hour shift
Question Author
Barry it just happens to be houses being watched when people leave them , strange in a lockdown as they shouldn't, the houses have been watched though and these chancers appear to be keeping a dossier of those leaving them , I'm aware it happens all the time
Burglars are the lowest of the low and care not for the utter devastation they cause to innocent people. I know, I've been burgled in the past and it was horrific.
Question Author
Sick bar stewards Zac
Daughter going home today, by the way, Bobbi!
They often try their luck and even commit this sort of crime when people are at home.
Question Author
Yeahhhh, that's really good news Zac, a relief for all of you I'd imagine,
Psst need another pic of your four legged pal :0)
It is indeed. Been a bit tough for us but gruelling for her. I’ll post a pic in a bit.
I have heard lots of people broadcast when they are going to be out (getting their jab). There have been several instances on AB.

Careless talk costs...

It is like the people who tell the whole pub they are going to Benidorm for a fortnight and post their holiday snaps on Facebook while they are away. Then return to find they have been burgled because the scumbags knew they weren’t at home.
Question Author
Sunk these particular instances seem to concentrate on the current elderly group who are doing no more than going for their jab
well if society punished these low lives perhaps there'd be less of this sort of thing. How many burglaries does it take to get them sent to Butlins?
Sunk - you're assuming people live on their own. Only myself and my partner go on holiday together. If everyone is home that would leave 3 men in the house.

I've been burgled twice, both times I was in, one time in bed while he was in my room. That is so unnerving it's unreal.

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