Clapping For Sir Tom Is White Nationalism

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webbo3 | 18:38 Thu 04th Feb 2021 | News
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\\A cleric's comments branding those taking part in the clap for Captain Sir Tom Moore "a cult of white British nationalism",//

So, is taking the Knee for BLM black nationalism...?


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//NJ, are you honestly feeling insulted by the words of one person?// Personally, no. It will take more than words from a deranged junior sky-pilot to upset me. But it was directed at the white British people in this country as a whole and in particular it involved labelling as "cult members" those who applauded a recently deceased white British gentleman who...
19:20 Thu 04th Feb 2021
I could no more play the retaliation game and abuse the Reverend online for what he said than I could abuse the family of Captain Tom for fulfilling his final wish, but that's precisely what some see as a hobby.
He made a daft comment, from his own experiences of racism, which was retracted. Even if he had done though, how would sending some back, improve anything in any way?
Has his twitter account disappeared because of being attacked by racist or to stop people seeing his other tweets?

I look forward to his comments if and when the statue idea gets off the ground.
Good choice for BA.
LOL ^^^^
Another black person with a massive chip on their shoulder.
Theland - // Sir Lenny of Henry is another. //

Any basis for that observation?
Are you saying, Pixie, that his comment wasn't racist? If you are, why's that?

Sir Viv Richards is rightly revered in the WI, but particularly so in Antigua, and when he sadly passes, not for many years I hope, I have absolutely no doubt his passing will be remembered; who knows, it could even be remembered by the the people of Antigua clapping for him.

Now let's play with the statement from this cleric a teensy bit and pretend the following was said by a white person...

"A cleric has branded those taking part in the clap for Sir Viv Richards "a cult of black Antiguan nationalism".

Would you consider that to be racist? I certainly do.

I genuinely don't get how text-book examples of racism are considered not to be so by some.

There were a couple of posters on a thread a few years ago arguing that the expropriation without compensation of the farms of white farmers in South Africa (and only white farmers) was not racism.

If a white person made racist remarks about the whole black race they would be ruined and a pariah, but Diane Abbott can do the same without any/any meaningful repercussions.

A few years ago the Labour Party offered reduced tickets to a conference to the BAME community. White people had to pay full price.

If had to explain to a child the definition of racism, I could pick any one of the above three as perfect examples..........except, it seems, they are not perfect examples because they are examples of 'acceptable' racism.

I honestly don't get it.

God I wonder if he said to his er advising Bishop
my lord God allows me to say what I like

did not our saviour lord jesus pray: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they say."

and yeah and the Bish said: no; he said Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are DOING." -
and you know what I gonna do boy? do ya?

(sozza readers just thought I wd drag the New testament and southern common sense to bring er colour to a drab day)
what a twerp....

and the child would think - silently as children are to be seen and not heard - today is not the day I start understanding DD or what he said ....

( jesus if a lickle kiddie asked what is an electron,
I answered - "you know positive charges, well it isnt one of those" I think mums wd snatch their offspring and crush their faces into their skirts and say - that is enough for today DD)
yeah yeah and then as the child was led away - I wd shout - "You know those chain reactions that Einstein described? it is nothing to do wiv dem eeva.....""
Andy, yes.
Some of his recent comments on the subject, and driving force behind a blacks only comedians programme.
Imagine if the BBC announced a whites only programme?
//White British people cannot help being white or British//

Spot on NJ.
Deskdiary, good post. I look forward to reading the response.
As I, and others, have said many times -

The best thing about social media is that it gives a platform and a voice to anyone with access to it.

The worst thing about social media is that it gives a platform and a voice to anyone with access to it.

This is a prime example of the latter - you don;t have to have your brain engaged in order to write complete hogwash for millions of people to read a nanosecond later.
Thanks Naomi.

I was expecting some rubbishing of it, but I guess it’s now too far down the question list for people to bother (AH excepted).

I saw PP responded, twice (as per) but I didn’t read them, but that’s only because I haven’t bothered reading any PP post for at least 5 years.

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Clapping For Sir Tom Is White Nationalism

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