Did You Clap For Captain Tom?

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dave50 | 23:02 Wed 03rd Feb 2021 | News
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I didn't, nor did I stand outside clapping for the NHS last year. I don't like the trend for public displays of emotion that seem to be the all the rage these days and the fact that if you don't join in then it must mean you don't care. For the record I think he did a fantastic job and he is an inspiration to everyone but I don't need to stand outside in public clapping to prove this to everyone.


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Re wearing of poppies,I wouldn't expect anyone to wear one if they didn't want to, their choice
Clearly a difference of opinion here.
Might I suggest that the emotional response was a feminine trait in this thread and the more stoical or unmotivated response rended to be more masculine?
^^^I hear the opening of a can of worms!
Could be Sqad , who knows ? moreover who cares?
But there are many females with hearts like swinging bricks too ;)
It would seem ...

PDA - public display of affection - bad.
PDA - public display of antipathy - good.

The character of Sir Tom was typical of that mainly forgotten generation was taken as normal with little reason for nationwide plaudits.
Different values different standards.
^^^ well ellipsis, we ARE British doncherknow?
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wrong thread please delete!
And therefore should be awarded all the outpourings ,claps and whatever else people want to do ( or not do) he's one of the few men left who saw the horrors of war but he turned his frown upside down and did a marvellous thing before leaving this mortal coil
> well ellipsis, we ARE British doncherknow?

Yep, so PDAs - Public Displays of Anything - should be avoided.

I just find it mildly amusing when somebody is driven to post in public that they don't like public displays ...
bobbi, correct, as did many, who died without recognition and that was what they would have preferred.
BUT...different generation, different values.
Sqad he was recognised for what he did, others who've passed away are recognised on November 11th by most people
No, don’t be silly.
bobbi......I do understand that.
I didn't do this, but it seems odd to criticise it, somehow.

If people want to honour him and his memory in that way then why on earth not.
I wonder if there's an element of people feeling the finger is being pointed at them personally and it's a defensive reaction. Don't know.
I did. I think when they have poppy day, they should also have an NHS day, selling may be a metal badge of him. £1/£2.
That's if they're marshmallow enough to care ich, people should do what they want , And not be criticised for it !
We could also have a street party for Tom. :0)

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