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Soft as claggy taffee as they say in these parts , Gove always reminds me of a spitting image puppet
Question Author
this is not about Gove it's about Desmond Swayne bobbi.
I know, this time I DID read the link,and just saying what I think of Gove ( sorry for the digression )
Back to the man in question , yes totally irresponsible to make such a statement
Question Author
Just shows that both parties have there t1t for tats.
He needs to spend a day in a hospital in Birmingham, or Leeds, or London, or.......
Seen Desmond Swayne a number of times on the tv in the house of commons and he does come out with some strange things. As for bobbi's answer on Gove I think Boris only keeps him in the cabinet as a case of keep your enemies close. I don't trust the bloke at all.

Just checking.
Question Author
sounds very much like 10cs on here, ......hang on!
I had a little sympathy with him in the past, but claiming that the NHS figures are being exaggerated is outrageous, so yes, given what Johnson has done in the past with MPs who don't toe the line, he should be out on his ear
Gove in in the cabinet because, slimeball that he is, even Johnson realises you need at least one competent person in there :-)
Ich while I realise this is about Desmond Swayne , I added my dislike of Gove to it ( well you can't like em all )
Although you wouldn't know it from reading AB, we don't live in a fascist state yet.
If this MP, or an ABer, or anybody else isn't 100% in line with Covid policies they should be allowed to say so.
He is free to say what he likes as long as it's within the law. However, just as when an MP fails to follow a whipped vote, there can be consequences and the whip removed.
Question Author
spice, free speech does not mean free from consequences.
This is not a free speech issue.
I find that argument maddening.
Desmind Swayne is free to speak out, and he has every right to do so.
However, what you say has consequences.
Even TTT gets it. Freedom of speech also doesn't mean freedom to speak into a vacuum -- people are entitled to use their own freedom of speech back at you and tell you that you're talking nonsense, as this weirdo is. Nor does it mean that people have to take what you say seriously, as we shouldn't here; nor does it mean that you can say what you like without fear of any consequences whatsoever.

Deserves to be censured, reprimanded, and have the book thrown at him. It's dangerous to undermine the unified health message that we need the vaccine, that it's safe, and that everybody should get it as soon as possible (subject to the priority for the elderly and those with health conditions).
Why are they digging up what someone said 3 months ago? One has to ask is it a diversion from what is happening now?

Anyway, how can anyone give a truly accurate figures on a daily basis?

There's a clear difference between figures requiring updating over time (and, by the way, revised upwards more often than not!) due to the pressures of requiring rapid data, and between figures being deliberately and maliciously manipulated in order to spread fear.

Moreover, I'm tired of the new variant being blamed for changing the picture. I don't doubt that it hasn't helped matters, but things would still have been bad because of the failures in September-November to take a second wave seriously.
'Sir Desmond, a former minister, also gave an interview two weeks ago to notorious anti-vaxxer Del Bigtree, who was a producer for Andrew Wakefield's anti-vaccine propaganda film, Vaxxed.

Mr Wakefield is a former doctor who was struck off the UK medical register for a discredited study linking the MMR vaccine to autism.

In this interview, Sir Desmond claimed Britain had become "a police state" and accused the government of attempting to implement "social control", while the anti-vaxxer praised the MP as a "hero".

He said: "There are aspects of this (the government's actions) which I'm certain come down to social control, like the wearing of masks, the medical case you've just rubbished it earlier this evening."

When Sky put these comments to Sir Desmond, he said he had never heard of Del Bigtree.'

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