The Role Model That Is President Clinton

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Paigntonian | 01:47 Thu 28th Jan 2021 | News
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Saw him live on a few sites today. He is constantly open-mouthed, which looks odd. He has also not been invited to speak at events that he would normally be expected to speak. I wonder if there is a medical problem.


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Remember that Clinton is a year older than Trump. Tempus fugit.
He's probably what they used to call a mouth breather - that would account for the open mouth.
Being married to Killary for 70 years can't help.
His media adviser probably told him to look at cameras with his mouth open and wide eyes, to look positive.
//He is constantly open-mouthed//

He is just waiting for someone to stick a cigar in it.
married in 1975, according to Danny link....
Regardless of the gravity of any given situation, Bill Clinton has a face that always looks like it’s smiling. The BBC’s Health Editor, Hugh Pym, has one of those faces too.
It just felt like 70 years.

All those leaders who sold their people out for cash look to be rotting from the inside out. Blair's a prime example. You can see it in Brown too when he scuttles back into view.
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Thanks all. It's interesting, I think, that most of the changes made in Britain thanks to Blair were either established US institutions or Clinton initiatives. Supreme Court, directly elected mayors, elected police commissioners, Surestart, Working Family Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits...
The Good Friday Agreement was The One
Not a Clinton initiative, but with a lot of help from across the Atlantic.

Wasn't Clinton speaking at the funeral of Hank Aaron?
And at Biden's inauguration celebrations along with Bush and Obama?
He was sort of there. He was sleeping. Not blaming him, mind.

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The Role Model That Is President Clinton

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