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It sounds like both sides are having the same problem. You'd have thought that in the wake of a global pandemic, ALL sides would be willing to work together to achieve the swiftest possible resolution to the problem.
09:45 Tue 26th Jan 2021
I agree. Childish and not unexpected. Cheek!
Question Author
Thank God we left, this is like retribution for that !
They will think of something else.
Probably write our name on the lavatory wall :-)
Sorry, but if you have been a member of, say, a gym and decide to stop paying & leave, it's hardly bullying for the gym not to allow you to use their facilities.
If the EU are looking after it’s member states, wouldn’t we have been better as part of it?
We have contracts for the vaccine. This is as Soxy says, just mean.
Question Author
That maybe so Zac, something we will never know but it certainly feels they're now flexing their muscles with threats
You can’t have it both ways tho, Bobbi. They will naturally look to protect their own member states. This isn’t really being mean or vindictive, it’s simply a consequence of us leaving. As you say the action is only ‘threatened’ so let’s see how it pans out.
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I agree Zac but it's the EU using a vaccine as a weapon ,thats how I perceive it anyway
Then we need to play tit for tat.
Monsewer Macaroni is a tit.
The EU has been told that they are not going to get the contracted-for supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is made in the UK. They are now being told they'll get 30 million doses instead of 80 million.

The Pfizer vaccine is made in the EU so they could theoretically commandeer that supply to make up for the shortfall. If you were an EU citizen, you might expect and hope for that. Early days yet though, so we shall see.
Well spotted.
They didnt get their act in gear to order their vaccines early so they expect everyone else to bail out their inefficiency.
well their vaccination program has been woeful so far so this doesn't surprise me. We'll just keep all the OAZ one ,for ourselves.
Question Author
All they're doing is making Brexiteers think Thank God we voted to leave , it's a tyrannical regime
Supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine is cut by 60% because of manufacturing problems.

Do you think the vaccine made in the UK should be used in the UK, or are you happy that some is exported to Europe?
Sunk, you are wasting your time posting on this thread, as am I. :)
Don't see much difference between what the EU are doing and our own Government halving the supply of vaccines to the north of England, so that the rest of the country can catch up. Seen by some as punishment for the North's success in dishing out the vaccination?.
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Should have voted Remain then.

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The Eu Once Again Shows Us The Bullies They Are And Always Have Been

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