Covid Isolation Fiasco

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needawin | 11:55 Mon 25th Jan 2021 | News
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I have four adult children. All in different jobs but all in close contact with members of the public.
Over the course of the isolation restrictions, between the four, there have been eleven "self isolation" orders.
The maths is simple.
11 isolations of 10 days equals 110 days.
In all that time not one has had a phone call or a visit by anyone to check
if they are following the isolation rules.
Multiply this by perhaps hundreds of thousands and we have an indication of why this Government will never get ahead of the virus.


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Of course they haven't
What did you expect.
The system was never going to work properly.
It might help a bit, but only a bit
It might be useful to track the 77 supposed cases of the SA variant. That is a manageable number.
But no system on earth could cope with the rate of infection generally. Where are all these people going to come frim to check that everyone is self-isolating? If you people ARE self-isolating on the other hand, well good for them. You don't need anyone to check :-)
needawin//In all that time not one has had a phone call or a visit by anyone to checkif they are following the isolation rules.//
They are putting trust in the public to follow the rules.How would a phone call prove whether or not the rules were being complied with?
Even is they got a call how would that prove they were isolating?
Did their employers not check on them?
Not much point telephoning when most people use their cell-phone instead of their land-line.
Question Author
Do you not remember being told there were going to be checks made?
Phone calls expected from whom? Employers or government?
Question Author
Presume people are expected to report them if they know they are breaking rules - like you would presumably?
// The maths is simple.
11 isolations of 10 days equals 110 days.//

The maths is simple. and the answer is simple: if it is crap you will probably find it on AB somewhere

11 isolations of 10 days equals 110 days. - er because 10 x 11 is 110 (whack zero on the end) and ignore the days nor the patients are laid end to end
( yawn ) because that would be too sensible

The Needawn family - look I dont want to get too personal so let us anonymise it to the family of durrz and then no one will know who we mean
the durr family is isolating for the publics and their own good and not so a civil servant can tick a box
the durr family does know this - innit?
it doesnt ?
well it does now
hello gubmint here!
( Mr Durr thinks it probably IS the govt as it sounds like an adenoidal 16 y o )
is that Mr Durr

The head of the Needawn family - for it is he:
let me think about that.

Kiddie Needawn in the background - Daaaad I told you not to kiss Mum wiv your tongue!

..... and the government check goes on....
If people were checked on regularly theyd complain of harrassment. The system has to rely on trust with some spot checks just so people know there'll be checks. But if checks are made all that would happen is those that abuse isolation would not answer the phone to thee checkeruppers. Do you trust your children?
Maybe if we adopted a Chines model needawin where we locked them up? Or tagged them?
My daughter was in isolation last October, so was one of her housemates. They were both called every day for 2 weeks. Drove them mad.
//They were both called every day for 2 weeks. Drove them mad.//

They should have taken the phone off the hook.
No-one rang me but maybe they were tracking me via the phone app....

Thanks judge. That confirms really that whatever is done some would be unhappy. What do you suggest needawin for number of checks- one a day, once a week? On everyone? Or spot checks? It seems some checks are made but can they really ring over a million people and check on there whereabouts regular?
Will someone be checking up on Kier as he has to self isolate again- his third time a think.
'They should have taken the phone of the hook'.

Well said.
I thought we would have city riots in the summer, but now I think the riot season is starting sooner.
‘ They should have taken the phone off the hook’
I’m not sure a 20 year old would know what that is. I mean, you don’t take a mobile off the hook.
Not much point in calling a mobile to check that somebody is at home.

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Covid Isolation Fiasco

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