Bbc 9-Year-Olds There Are 'Over 100 Genders'

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fender62 | 00:33 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | News
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this is crazy, teaching children so young about genders, apparently there are over a 100 mmm
and i thought there were only two, i can imagine children talking about this in the playground
what they will make of it is anyone guess, confusing absolutely.


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You quite rightly criticised the anti vaccinersfo and deniers of Covid for not following the science, but you are happy to ignore the absence of science in the gender discussions.
I don't understand, are you for or against scientific justification?
TBH it seems a nonsense to me to say over a hundred. If you accept the reasoning, there would be an infinite number of genders. But I do think if you’re obsessed with young children understanding homosexuality, lesbianism etc. then subconscious learning is the best way for young children. And keep it simple!
Sqad, read my two links. They’re pretty scientific.
\\Sex determination – the way we are “coded” into a biological sex – is complicated in and of itself. There are far more options than just “male” or “female,” and countless instances of species that can actually transition from one sex to another within a single lifetime. ’

I remember a species of frog that could do this from Jurassic park, but no human can change sex without medical assistance or an operation.

Jesus christ. How slow are they? As long as they aren't claiming more than two sexes.... fine.
Indeed you are correct and one of my many faults, born by habit, is not reading links on AB.

/////However, our current understanding of these factors is far from complete and the results are not always consistent/////

I have indeed tried to grasp the contents of your link (the other i have left unmolested) and have identified the bottom line in my bracketed comment above.

You have indeed supported the evidence that you have quoted.
My opinion remains the same however.
Sqad, the links don't support it. They suggest that gender can vary from sex. Which is nothing new, and why we have tried to remove stereotypes. People are individual. Shockingly, you can get a human now, who is both female- and a mechanic...
I posted that last night, glad I got on the thread early - I knew how it would go.,,,,i know iknow but rather than go over each bit or absence of evidence, I chose what I considered to be....the bottom line.
I was proud of you :-)
Let's be honest it wasn't that long ago people were shocked if a woman was a doctor!

I just think it's easier to say your gender identity falls on a continuum, can change through life and may in fact be multi faceted at different times. I managed for a couple of years to be feminine lesbian in private and androgynous heterosexual in publ at the same time. If you had seen photos of me back then I doubt you would have seen much similarity between the two aspects. It's quite fun accepting that level of fluidity. But genetically I am 100% female, never doubted it, unlike my bestie Jerome 57 born female but always knew he was a male, but only with society changing able to make the brave step of living in what to him is a natural state
To me this is the lesser evil, designed to look innocent and sprinkled with fairy dust.
The bigger evil is the career dependent staff who, ''just by coincidence'', ALL believe, or appear to, the evil they preach, without any parental consultation.
They preach what they know is a lie, but self interest prevents any of them standing up and declaring the truth.
We've seen this kind of mass cultural Marxism before with Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong Un, and the CCP.
The Russian, ''Refusniks'', warned us, now its here, small steps in cultural appropriation, weaken the system, then bring it down.
Do you believe we should answer children's questions when they arise or shoo them off?
That's exactly it, rowan... it doesn't just change through your life, but any time you are doing something that is stereotypically "the opposite sex". We should have outgrown that a long time ago.
Answer them. Don't lie to them.
Theland..put your oxygen mask back on.
Good, tell them about the world around them - with knowledge comes wisdom.
There are more important things than how a person chooses to present themself. Are they decent, honest, kind , honourable people is a far more important question.

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Bbc 9-Year-Olds There Are 'Over 100 Genders'

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