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reading the sentencing remarks of the judge, looks like the right level was dished out.
That or more
If they really do serve their full time, then maybe it is fair.
Why the difference in sentence lengths? They were all involved and contributed to the horrific deaths.
Some were higher up in the chain of command Tiggs.

Fair? I find it impossible to use that word in this case.
No. Because they will not be in prison for the full time of the sentence .
paltry..make an example of them, any ex army will know what i mean.
makes no difference, ooman rights acts...they will be given live to stay
oomn rights, for the undeserved, theu will still take the money and run.
no, damn savages should never see the light of day again.
// oomn rights, //

It is Human rights. You must have been very drunk :-)
Not fair. The crime is utterly deplorable and I don't think the sentences are long enough.
not long enough imo.
My only question is about the drivers, did they know what they had on board. They may have known it was illegal cargo but not the nature of that freight. If I had been on the jury I might have argued for manslaughter in their cases. It would depend on the evidence, it might be it was clear they did have full knowledge.
"Some of the trips were thwarted by border officials and residents in Orsett, Essex, had repeatedly reported migrants being dropped off to the police.

Yet the smuggling operation was not stopped until after the tragic journey."

Is there more to come or has a line been drawn and lessons learned?
When I read 78 years in the headline, I though wow that's good, but then I realised it was between four of them, not good enough in my opinion. Those poor souls died a truly terrible death. RIP.
its still a lucrative business and one that will continue im sure. even with these sentences it won't put people off from people smuggling.
Question Author
Thank you for your replies.
Hang them .Get rid of the vermin .
// My only question is about the drivers, did they know what they had on board. //

what you mean recorded comments like - they are all dead back there,
was referring to fish or vegetables?
when the boss asked one of them to "give them air" and he sent a thumbs up back .... i think he knew

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