The Three Wise Monkeys

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Deskdiary | 08:36 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | News
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The University of York has stopped using the three wise monkeys to advertise a conference because;

"Upon reflection, we strongly believe that our first poster [the monkeys] is not appropriate as its iconology promulgates a long-standing legacy of oppression and exploits racist stereotypes."

And this is my favourite bit;

"We bring this to your attention so that we may be held accountable for our actions and in our privileges do and be better."

Is the University being bedwettingly pathetic?

Also, I've never looked at the three wise monkeys, or any monkey for that matter, and made any sort of connection with black people because...well because it's just nonsensical to do so, so given it appears the University has, aren't they being a bit racist?

Apologies for linking a Daily Moan article - I know this is one of AB's greatest sins.


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There are other priorities but the same could be said for those like dd and the mail
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Are you bedwettingly offended on behalf of monkeys?
Slippery slope and all that. Ahh cant say that.
Question Author
I don't get offended about pretty much anything bob, and I certainly don't get offended on behalf of others, be they people or (in view of your question) monkeys.
The Jorvik Viking Centre is to remain closed and will be flattened as soon as possible to avoid promoting invasion, rape and pillage in the weak minds of local academics and their hangers-on.
I'd better be a bit careful, then. I've used the term "monkey" twice in the last 12 hours to refer to the £500 the government is thinking of doling out to those testing positive for Covid.
I’m offended that they’re offended by that.
As deskdiary said,it is they who are being racist by making the connection between monkeys and black people. Sack the lot of them.
This is cringier than a cringey thing on a cringey day.

Will this mean that the Hartlepool Monkey will posthumously have his name cleared and be granted a long overdue pardon ?
Personally I don't think for one minute that he was ever guilty !
Dundee skipping or doublers song:

Not last night but the night before
Three wee monkeys came to the door
One had a fiddle, one had a drum
And one had a pancake stuck to his bum
The ‘woke’ see, speak, and hear evil at every opportunity. Not wise at all.
I have never seen a link between The Three Wise Monkeys and black people - it strikes me that these people are looking for something to advertise their right-on-ness and they are willing to see racism where clearly none exists.
I wonder how long it will be before they start on Darwin and his Theories of Evolution.
I have had a small brass ornament of the three wise monkeys for over 80 years .
Let's cull all monkey species around the world and remove 'monkey' from all dictionaries.

There you go, problem solved. No need to thank me :o)
I've often wondered why football crowds make monkey noises when black players are on the pitch even though there's no racist element at all. They must all be getting it completely wrong.
Jno - racism is entirely about context.

So when football yobs make monkey noises at black footballers, the intention is clear and understood.

When academics draw parallels like this, the intention is to see something that is not clear or understood in order to proclaim their self-righteousness in disassociating themselves from it.

This clearly points to an example of intelligent people with a skewed view of culture, a seriously over-develped sense of self-importance, and far too much time on their hands.
Or maybe there recognising that some might see racism where none is intended and cause damage similar to statues being torn down, or maybe theres already been threats or complaints on social media so there thinking better safe than sorry?

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