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Paigntonian | 16:41 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | News
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Is it me, but was there something very amusing about the solemn prayer being followed by the introduction of Lady Gaga. She did a good job but it sounded so incongruous.


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A perfect representation of what America is all about.
It was wonderful I thought.
What the US is all about indeed.
god bless america and all who sail in her, with a lisp...
From the snippets I've seen and heard it was more like a three ring circus. Yes, definitely what America is all about.

Will anybody be watching the State Opening of Parliament? I think Ant & Dec are hosting it this year.
To me, there's something rather incongruous about the inauguration of the President of nation, with a constitution which specifically separates church from state, which includes a religious prayer and taking an oath on a Bible!
>>> Will anybody be watching the State Opening of Parliament?

Yup, there's no theatricality with that ceremony, is there, NJ? ;-)

lol, Chris, I wonder if Biden will have to wear a crown if he attends the opening of Congress.
come on, it's watching an american day time talk show like elen or jerry springer show, when the band played what sounded like some kind of classical track? it reminded me of the monty python into song to the tv series they had, nudge nudge know what mean, know what i mean, giant game show or decorum, and some politico mentioned how the american system was better than the magna carter, i howled with laughter.

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