Msnbc Reporting Fears Of

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Paigntonian | 00:08 Sat 16th Jan 2021 | News
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an 'armed insurrection' on inauguration day, Wednesday. Bizarre.


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this has been around a few days. I have no idea if the fears are justified, but they'd be crazy not to take precautions
Ah, thanks.
I think the aim over the last few days has been to send a very public warning to these people: “we know what you’re up to”
Hence the filmed briefing to the Vice President by the head of the FBI on the matter.
Sad to see Washington looking like parts of Baghdad but a necessary evil I’m afraid.
The Police knew beforehand that the Capitol Building was a target for Trump supporters, but they dod nothing.

The security agencies had been monitoring Trump supporters chatter on social media. They knew what was planned, and they know is planned for Wednesday. If anti-Biden rallies by Trump supporters are allowed to take place on Wednesday, then more deaths and criminal damage is a certainty.

They are in the middle of a pandemic. Crowds should be forbidden at the inauguration, and elsewhere under Covid rules.
The more it's talked about and the more it's stoked by the left-wing media, the more self-fulfilling the prophecy becomes. That's what's bizarre.
I think you are right; it's adding fuel to the fire.
Spungle / Jackdaw

If the FBI have intell that civil disobedience is planned, you think they should keep quiet?

You think they should not send out a clear signal that law and order will be imposed on law breakers.

You do not think the public should be told of the potential violence in their States so the sensible ones can stay away and be safe?

The attack on the Capitol Building had been anticipated and the danger was ignored. Lawmakers were put in grave danger because those in charge were scared of angering Trump. People high up were scared so they did nothing.
You have a point but it's a double-edged sword. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't.
Surely there’s only ‘damned if you don’t ’ if you know something is happening and do beggar all?
20.000 National Guards have been deployed to protect the Capitol.If the protestors behave like they did in the last attack on the Capitol it will finish in a bloodbath.
// You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. //

No. You are damned if you get it wrong.

Last Wednesday the authorities were aware of a Trump rally planned for the same time the all the State Senators and Representatives were meeting a short distance away. They had intell that disorder had been planned on social media.

The right response to that situation is to make sure the Lawmakers were completely safe. The threat was ignored and the Lawmakers had to be rescued to save their lives.

If the Capitol was properly guarded and the Trump rally passed off peacefully, no one would have damned the authorities. Quite the opposite, they would have been congratulated for a job well done.

What actually happened last Wednesday was the Capitol Police were quickly over-run by sheer numbers and the building was stormed. Reinforcements from Washington PD came and a massacre averted. That was at 2pm. The National Guard were stood down. They eventually turned up 3 hours later when the riot had been quelled and all the rioters were evicted from the building.
// Capitol Police Chief Sund says during a conference call with several law enforcement officials at about 2:26 p.m., he asked the Pentagon to provide backup.
On the call, Senior Army official Lt. Gen. Walter E. Piatt, director of the Army Staff, said he couldn't recommend that Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy authorize

It would be more than three hours before any National Guard troops arrived, well after the damage at the Capitol had been done. //
Last Wednesday, as he riot took hold there were 340 National Guard men deployed on the streets of DC. Those troops were unarmed and their job was to help with traffic flow.

It isn’t adding fuel to the fire:
These are actual threats. Actual activities.
The fuel and the fire is already out there.
The Capitol is a lot better prepared than it was.
Plainly previous threats or signs were not taken seriously. And that caused a much bigger fire
If the FBI have intell that civil disobedience is planned, you think they should keep quiet?

well they did that last week....

actually Itch I think the capitol police were aware of the crowds and thought the Good Ole Boys wd keep their hands to thenselves when the visited the legislature of the greatest country on earth

but ho hum by the time they realised it was something more,
it was far too late
The big problem is that there are no easily identifiable 'sides'. Many Police and National Guardsmen are Trump and 2A supporters and have pledged themselves to that cause.
Should it come to a shooting match it will be truly terrible.

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Msnbc Reporting Fears Of

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