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*turn up

Blooming autocorrect eh.
never occurs to these morons that there is going to be video footage does it?
i thought 'turnip' was deliberate :-)
The more they catch the better. They deserve very harsh sentences.
You were right the first time, Roy ;-)
I'm surprised 'they' allowed this to leek out.
Naughty, Roy....LoL
People like Sullivan (and there are far too many of them) stoke the flames of discord whilst loudly proclaiming that they are part of the solution rather than being part of the problem.
They need to be called and and prosecuted wherever and whenever they overstep the mark.
Quite a few people on here must be hoping this thread quietly slips away. I'll do my best to prevent that.
And he was one of the more clever ones!
Good. Anybody that was part of the rabble-rousing should be arrested and charged, left wing, right wing or anything in between.
He sounds like a serial rioter who uses whichever cause is shouting loudest to indulge his violent streak. Hope they throw the book at the turnip.
He will do thyme for this.
Another Smollet rope, or Nascar noose then? The charges will therefor be dropped/buried/lost/postponed/forgotten or excused as a mental illness. Or all of those things just in case. It will eventually be impossible to maintain the lies, with or without Trump, all will be exposed by the stench of corruption that is filling the nostrils of anyone who cares to take a whiff.
If you think that John Earle Sullivan, 26, was instigator-in-chief of the riots then you're deluded. He was along for the ride, as were many others.
He was along for the ride as were many others,so who do you think actually caused all the aggro?
Anyone encouraging terrorist behaviour should be castigated. Far left, far right or piggy in middle, makes no difference. All brainless idiots.
This story will be buried by mainstream media and suppressed by the left wing tech/media sites. The arrest of John Earle Sullivan, a previously identified blm leader, agitator, and provocateur, shatters the confected lie that Trump supporters alone caused the riots, and therefor Trump himself. Will this be part of the impeachment prosecution "evidence"?
> who do you think actually caused all the aggro

Does it matter who I caused it?

But for what it's worth, I'd say that Trump had a big hand in it. Starting with denying it was a fair election; continuing with inviting his fan base to march up to the Capitol on the day of ratification; and culminating with not calling off the mob when they were attacking, but instead saying "Go home. We love you. You're very special" just a wee bit later than too late.
> Does it matter who I caused it?

Does it matter who I think* caused it?
Doe's it matter who caused it,Donald Trump might think so,
Al Gore lost in 2004 after a controversial election,can't remember
people saying he was a bad loser.

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