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// *There are, in fact, "XX men and XY women", in the sense that for whatever reason, even at birth the genetically-determined sex doesn't match the outward appearance. This is separate from, but of course related to, transgender, because it shows that XX/XY is very much not "end of". // There are not. In any sense. XX is always female. XY is always male. One's...
00:00 Sat 16th Jan 2021
He's been here since 2017 - why the fuss now?
// ...he's a geezer 4FS! //

And you’re a troll.
You have no interest in this subject, you just want to wind people up with your faux ignorance.
Wonder why they chose UK- its a fair way from ElSalvador
Question Author
who's "they" it's one bloke!
What does he do for a living? Will anyone employ him?
I think a simple definition is gender undecided...
Question Author
how can it be undecided? He's got a Y chromosome, right? has a point.
// who's "they" it's one bloke!//
oh come on TTT
speak the lingo
" who dey den? dair only one!"

northerner teaching an essex lad , gor blimey cobbers!

2.Definitions and differences
The UK government defines sex as:

referring to the biological aspects of an individual as determined by their anatomy, which is produced by their chromosomes, hormones and their interactions

generally male or female

something that is assigned at birth

The UK government defines gender as:

a social construction relating to behaviours and attributes based on labels of masculinity and femininity; gender identity is a personal, internal perception of oneself and so the gender category someone identifies with may not match the sex they were assigned at birth

where an individual may see themselves as a man, a woman, as having no gender, or as having a non-binary gender – where people identify as somewhere on a spectrum between man and woman

The World Health Organisation regional office for Europe describes sex as characteristics that are biologically defined, whereas gender is based on socially constructed features. They recognise that there are variations in how people experience gender based upon self-perception and expression, and how they behave.

Essentially, nearly all people are born with physical characteristics that are labelled male or female. In 1964, Robert Stoller coined the term gender identity, which refers to an individual’s personal concept about their gender and how they feel inside. It is a deeply held internal sense of self and is typically self-identified. Gender identity differs from sexual identity and is not related to an individual’s sexual orientation (for more information, see the Terminology page of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society). As such, the gender category with which a person identifies may not match the sex they were assigned at birth.

Gender is increasingly understood as not binary but on a spectrum. Growing numbers of people are identifying as somewhere along a continuum between man and woman, or as non-gendered (neither man nor woman) (see Gender Spectrum). Therefore, they often have their own words to describe themselves rather than using pre-defined categories of male and female (for more information, see Gender Identity Workshop, Summary of Discussions). While more people are identifying as non-binary, this is not a new concept and has existed for many years across different cultures around the world.
// how can it be undecided? He's got a Y chromosome, right?//

lol lol says sqad - thats a point

erm no it is a decided point and there is law on that one.
April Ashley of whom Sqad probably roared "phwooooar, what a pair of Bristols!" very early on wanted to be classed as a leddy. And brought a case ( 'the april ashley case') in her own name on this point in her own name Edwards v Edwards I think.
It was heard by Justice Ormerod - who was also MB BS (*), around 1973. And very prophetically for a judge ( he MB too see) goes thro, chromosome, anatomy, devt, and body image ( now gender )
and um DOESN'T - day " fooda Judge says, Y chromosome present equals man - ged artta here " His judgement is much longer ( and has longer words, judgy words n fings)

but hey this is a normal day for AB but one in wh Sqad dozes

(*) foo! or faux - what dat den?

oh god this is like writing - Noddy does a post mortem wivva knife and fork
corbett v corbett 1970
having just done 2MB it was the nly case I understood when I read law.

23 p on it. TTT comments: Foo! dat a lorra lorra pages for Torra!
why do dey write so much, scribble scribble scribble
when I can write such crap on AB ?
Load of nonsense. As TTT says, he's a bloke.
He's a bloke playing the system to gain asylum or he has mental health problems, either way HE should have been rejected.
Sunk is correct. TGT has no real interest in anything anyone else will have to say on this, he simply views newspaper articles such as this as an opportunity to flex his 'cor blimey....wot a lot of cobras....Y-chromosome.....geezer' muscles.

It's a well-worn, worn-out even, routine...
Thank you PP.
TTT and myself understand sex, but struggle with do many of our generation.

Judge Ormerod ( can't find any reference of him having a medical degree....perhaps you can help) made his pronouncement which was accepted in Law ( I think).but TTT can objectively identify SEX, whereas he struggles, quite reasonably in my opinion to identify GENDER.
Thats it.
Very worrying if that is how the new "Brazilian" strain of the virus affects your appearance.
There are, and always have been, transvestites (non-binary?) in every country in the world. In many countries they are persecuted and, because we are a tolerant country, some will try to come here. I can sympathise with that and have no problem with it. However, I am not happy if they are allowed into ladies only facilities.
Question Author
sqad, 11:09, thanks, the problem is that "Gender" has been hijacked by every attention seeking weirdo out there and this "non Binary" Cobras is the icing on the cake! What next? You define myself yourself as a dance troupe?
I think ellipsis has it covered. The only part I don't agree with is //Gender is increasingly understood as not binary but on a spectrum.//

As that has always been known to be the case.

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