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Paigntonian | 21:40 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | News
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impeached for a second time. Ten Republicans vote for impeachment.


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Aside from the fact that Trump should be held accountable on principle, it doesn't work like that. And, again -- why isn't the onus on Trump to bridge the gap, rather than on everybody else to ignore him, and more importantly the 74 million who voted for him, and hope that the lies and anger that fuelled them just fades away? It will not. You have to tackle it head-on and expose it for what it is, otherwise what will tend to happen is that, if anything, the movement gets bigger.
Interesting view, but I disagree. So they have the Senate trial. And he gets acquitted again. What's been achieved? Big fat zero, and more publicity for Donald.
Firstly, depends on whether or not he gets acquitted, which is far from certain (although I admit it's the more likely outcome). Secondly, it's not going to be quite so easy for Trump to exploit any acquittal this time, without his favourite platform to scream from. Thirdly, trying to do the right thing is still worth it even if it fails.
//So it's just a free for all debating forum, with no need to ask a question? I think you may have missed the whole point of Answerbank//

People frequently put up opening posts in the news section , on AB , without asking a question
You lot don't half make me laugh.

Laugh all the way back to your Trump shrine Roy. I'm sure Don Jr will pick up the reigns soon so you can still keep the faith.
Best impeachments ever by the way. More impeachments than anyone thought possible until now. Biggly strong impeachments. Obama never got impeached even once - what a loser, I've got two.
It seems that the Impeachment has already had some effect. Trump's video released today didn't even address the issue, at least not directly. I'm still not convinced that it was spoken from the heart, but at least it represented a condemnation of the violence, and a pretty strong condemnation at that: "No true supporter of mine" could ever, Trump said, have stormed the Capitol. "No excuses, no exceptions; America is a nation of laws.", and also warned against anything similar in future.

The simple problem, though is that the "challenge" that the US "will get through" is still largely of his making: refusing to accept a result even before it was announced, calling the election a steal, and calling for illegal efforts to try and overturn it caused this mess. Nor is his call to "listen to each other" that meaningful, from a guy who never listened to anybody in his life if they didn't instantly and entirely agree with him.

Still, it's a start. Apparently Trump has accepted at least that the only way to respond to the Impeachment and the trial is to keep his head down for the last week. That, at least, is infinitely preferable to hearing him continue to call for "stopping the steal".
There's no Trump shrine here. idiot.

I'm just not one to sit back and listen to bullcrap when I see it.
I almost wish Donny was still on Twitter. Be nice to see his reaction to today's events.
Indeed. Trump might even be glad he's been banned, screaming about it on Twitter would just add evidence :P
//There's no Trump shrine here. idiot.//

Oh dear, the Donald won't be pleased to hear that. You're weak. Weak for not having a Trump shrine. pmsl.
Fake condemnation of the riots from Trump, after the impeachment.
I don't expect that Trump meant what he said (or at least it has to be taken in context that there's a real chance that the Senate will convict him), but the effect of him saying it is still meaningful.

The next step is for him to take responsibility for his part in causing the mess -- which is presumably never going to happen. But you have to take what you can get, I suppose. A wounded president on the way out could just as easily have released a speech condemning the inauguration and continuing to call the election stolen etc.
//You lot don't half make me laugh.//

Really wish I could say the same about you Roy.
Incidentally, another step Trump could take to unite the country is to attend the inauguration. Or, failing that, congratulate Biden.
/// another step Trump could take to unite the country is to attend the inauguration. Or, failing that, congratulate Biden.//

That's hilarious Jim. Seriously, if you you think either of those things will either happen, or unite the country then ...well, they just won't happen.
I don't think either of them will happen, but they would do far more to help unite the country than not pursuing consequences.
It’s the case that republicans themselves can help the cause of unity by uniting around the impeachment.
And it was in Mitch MConnell’s hands to ensure the hearing at least began well before Trump left office.
//Fake condemnation of the riots from Trump, after the impeachment.//

Is that a joke, Canary? You’ve posted fake news.

This from 6 days ago.

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