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Sunk | 18:28 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | News
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Click and Collect should be shut down says Sadiq Khan and other lockdown enthusiasts.
I have never seen a queue at C&C. But they might sometimes occur.

Is this a major hub of transmission, or just the latest venue for the torching pitchfork brigade?


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There are new restrictions for the haggis bashers:

There have also been concerns in Grimsby
(The small queue in the photo though seems to show people properly observing social distancing)
John Lewis have just stopped it (though Waitrose are still going). Last time I C&C'd something at JL there were about a dozen people waiting in a modest-sized room about the size of my GP's surgery. If we'd had to observe social distancing we'd have had to stand out in the rain.

I don't know if that's typical of everyone's experience, but I suppose the principle of the thing is that lots of people do C&C these days, ideally being put through quickly. I sometimes see a few people lined up at the local Amazon lockers
some info in my link about Sadiq Khan and what he wants shut forthwith.....
You don't even have to leave your car with C+C - they load the car for you. Surely that's far safer than actually entering the supermarket.
I think the refers to non essential C&C Mozz, not food shopping.
^^^ It depends upon the type of store, Mozz. See my Grimsby link above for an example of C&C without a car.
* this refers
Okay, thank you Mamya.
Mozz, I expect it depends. When I've done supermarket C&C in the past year, I went inside and collected it myself; they provided me with the trolley to get it to the car, but that was all. Others may manage it differently.
As an aside
Our local village store has closed for a week due to “government guidelines” which puzzles me.
They don’t do click and collect btw ;-)
//If we'd had to observe social distancing we'd have had to stand out in the rain.//

Like I did - for 50 minutes - to have my 'flu jab.
Question Author
// Like I did - [stand out in the rain] for 50 minutes - to have my 'flu jab. //

I expect the Irony Klaxon you stood next to was noisy?

The politicians have to be seen to be continually doing something extra again and again whenever the numbers go up even though these measures have no scientific proof that they will make any difference.
well, if you didn't drown, you came out ahead. But I have mentioned elsewhere that as long as they're currently dealing with the elderly and infirm for Covid jabs, they ought to provide them with cover.

I just walked into the local chemist to ask for a flu jab and got it on the spot. Inside too, same as every year. Who's requiring you to stand in the rain and why, NJ?
Sadiq Khan overestimates his own importance. Have no time for him.
Better to do something which might be a slight inconvenience but will reduce interactions slightly and might save some lives. That's the reason for trying it. Makes sense to me. We cant carry on as we are
I did a C&C from John Lewis (non-food item) via my local Waitrose. Idiotic situation - the C&C collection point was at the back far diagonal corner from the store entrance so I had to navigate through the entire store to collect said item. On the other hand, I did a C&C (groceries) from Sainsbury which was simple and safe - drove to car park, dedicated area, gave name via car window, assistant put goods near boot of car and retreated to a more than safe distance for me to load shopping. No problem and no close contact.
Never had to queue for my flue jab at surgery. Niether did my wife and son at boots and tesco. You were unlucky. we had ours 6weeks ago so maybe theres a recent rush
Agreed diddlydo, food one is fine. A think the problem is for argos types or B&q where you go in store for a hardly essential picture frame

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