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Sunk | 18:28 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | News
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Click and Collect should be shut down says Sadiq Khan and other lockdown enthusiasts.
I have never seen a queue at C&C. But they might sometimes occur.

Is this a major hub of transmission, or just the latest venue for the torching pitchfork brigade?


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//Who's requiring you to stand in the rain and why, NJ?//

My doctors' practice because they invited about 100 people in a one hour slot and would not allow anybody into the surgery other than those who were being dealt with (four at a time). They ran out of vaccine towards the end of my slot. Si scraped in but many in the queue after me got soaked for nothing. As I left the clerks were busy ringing round people who had been invited later in the day to tell them not to bother. I related the tale on here shortly after it occurred.

//You were unlucky. we had ours 6weeks ago so maybe theres a recent rush//

The above occurred in October. Pharmacies in my area were not administering the jab due to an "agreement" with the local Primary Healthcare Trust. I'm looking forward to a similar fiasco if and when I'm offered the Covid jab.
//Better to do something which might be a slight inconvenience but will reduce interactions slightly and might save some lives.//

Lots of "mights" in that. And the cumulative effects of the "minor inconveniences are merging into a major bind.

//Makes sense to me. We cant carry on as we are//

Makes no sense to me but that's probably because I'm not one for continually trying subtle variations on the same theme and expecting different results. But you are right - we can't carry on being continually hassled and bullied by a government which seems to think that the above principle does not apply to them.
not a great practice, then, NJ. I can only say that the one I attend has been flexible and sympathetic throughout, and local chemists don't turn away business.
Is there a link to this story?

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Click And Collect Coronavirus

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