My God, Some Of These Republicans

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Paigntonian | 17:40 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | News
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are truly frightening (CNN live).


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In today's vote, in the House of Representatives, the Democrats don't need any votes at all -- a simple majority suffices, and they already have that. In a future vote the Senate will vote to Convict or Acquit, and that's when they'll need 17 Republican Senators (of which so far I think two have confirmed, and rumours abound that maybe 20 in total are seriously considering it).
What is the RCS?
Royal Shakespeare Company I’d imagine
Oh, OK...Thanks.
This non-question should be on Chatterbank, not Answerbank.
And slightly unfair I think. There have been some rousing words.
One of the best by Rep McCarthy on the Republican side
Best name (and possibly accent) so far:
Diane Harshbarger
So far 5 Republicans have entered their vote to impeach. It's interesting to see the vote counts updated constantly, as opposed to our system where we wait for the count to be completed and verified before announcing it.

Expecting two more Republicans to join the vote, and maybe a few others who were keeping silent about it.

// Yes, ask Mike Pence about "cancel culture" :-)//

absolutely the fun loving qanon wanted to cancel him only a week ago !

and spicerack - and woy - you dont have to read these threads. You can in a dignified way pass on / pass thro
Practice what you preach
They've just got the 217 to impeach! 10 Republicans voted for it.
thx roy
no hope threads - a lot of the time I am up for them !

the virus threads, I get my hands dirty as some Abers actually seem to be ready for the vaccine AND to tell everyone that they dont think it is safe AND covid=flu ! crazy people
yeah foo roy
practise what you impeach ! ter daah !

the legislators in the land of the free really seem to have been freaked by the threats of people with guns and pipebombs when they er didnt

Michael Foot for example wd have bored them to death with a 3 hour speech
Interesting that Mitch McConnell isn't among the 10 Republicans who vote to impeach. I wonder if he chickened out or if he abstained (there were 5 no-votes)
sozza mozza
senator Mitch did not vote in the House of Reps because er he is a senator

a mistake that cd have been made by any of us
Yeah PP, I realised I ballsed up about 15 minutes after typing that. (I know I'm getting old when the penny drops in slow motion like that)

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My God, Some Of These Republicans

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