Trump And The Election

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Sparta | 23:00 Tue 12th Jan 2021 | News
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Repeated tonight. 'Frankly we did win this election' and this 'election was rigged'. Fruitcake.


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I'm not so sure he is a fruitcake. I think he's a dangerous man, he knows what he's doing. He's used to getting what he wants and people doing what he tells them and he's lapping it all up. It would be better to ignore him.
He's never been a safe pair of small hands.
If he didn't know what he was doing then it might possibly be ok to ignore him. But hardly if he does.
Personally I think he probably only partially knows what he is doing and that's been the case ever since he took office.
whether or not Trump himself knows, I do wonder if his supporters are actually aware that he is lying, but uphold it anyway because it suits them.
“fruit cake
noun: fruitcake
a cake containing dried fruit and nuts.
"a rich, moist fruit cake"
an eccentric or mad person.“

Not much of a fruit cake though:-
//In its 2019 billionaires ranking, Forbes estimated Trump's net worth at $3.1 billion//
I'm not sure he even understands the concept of truth and lies to be honest. He just repeats things that are clearly and provably false. 'Real' liars are a bit more subtle and clever about it. Who knows what's going on in his head.
You can be a stinking rich fruitcake Danny
“Not much of a fruit cake though:-
//In its 2019 billionaires ranking, Forbes estimated Trump's net worth at $3.1 billion//“

So he’s a overly rich fruitcake
It is looking as though this time the impeachment might be successful: 5 Republican senators already openly saying they'd vote to convict, including Dick Cheney's daughter. Mitch McConnell, the senate leader plainly now wavering, and their "whip" Senator McCarthy refusing to ... whip
I believe what really rankles him is that he has joined the club of presidents that have been denied a second term in office
One term in office, and two impeachments: a proud record ;-)

I understood it was a handful of Representatives, eg Liz Cheney is in the House not the Senate -- although I think Murkowski, Romney and Toomey are three Senators who'd vote to Convict (Romney hasn't explicitly said so but let's face it he clearly will).
It is an hard question.

He didn’t win the election, and it is unlikely it was rigged.

So does Trump believe what he is saying?
Or is he saying it to hide his embarrassment about losing and doesn’t believe it?
There isn’t really any credible evidence that it was rigged. There are things being said that have no evidence to back them up. Trump and his supporters are using that.

Is Trump mad? - Probably not.
Is he bad? - Probably.

So, calling him a fruitcake lets him off the hook. He is dangerous and needs stopping, but he needs to go to prison, not the looney bin.

He's a very bad loser.
Yes that’s right Jim
Perhaps rather than being deluded, he's smart enough to realise he can spout any old garbage and his believers will believe it. Ultimately, only he knows. The rest of us can only speculate.

Either way, as sunk says, he belongs in prison.
Tomus// he belongs in prison//
S far I have not seen any evidence of what Trump actually said that would give rise to the commission of a crime.
One of the points that should come across from the call between Trump (and others) and Raffensberger, the Georgia Governor, is that Trump says what he says because he believes it himself, rather than because he knows it's false but trusts others to believe him. That's the saddest thing about it, really. And it's undoubtedly a product of hiring yes men and firing anybody who dares to disagree with Trump on anything.

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Trump And The Election

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