Benefits Of Brexit; More Investment In Britain.

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Spungle | 22:40 Mon 11th Jan 2021 | News
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The UK's Managing Director of Nissan, Andrew Humberstone, has said that he is “satisfied” with the UK-EU trade deal agreed last month, and doubled down on the Japanese company’s commitment to building cars in Britain, even despite the lockdown.
Mr Humberstone said that the bilateral free trade agreement “finally gives us some certainty and enables us to plan for the future success of our collective operations across the region”.
He added that the Sunderland plant “will continue to build cars despite the UK lockdown”, according to letters sent to Nissan dealerships seen by Autocar magazine.
The Sunderland factory is Britain’s largest car plant and employs 7,000 people. It produces the Juke, the electric Leaf, and the Qashqai, which last year was reported as the UK’s best-selling British-made car.

In May 2020, while there was no certainty of a deal, Nissan had backed Brexit Britain, committing to retaining the Sunderland plant and even then stating that “the plant is now preparing for the arrival of the new Qashqai”.

In March, the Japanese company said that the plant would receive a £4oo million investment to build the third-generation Qashqai, which was reemphasised by Autocar’s January report. With the Qashqais set to hit the market in 2021 and models lasting some five years, British workers at the plant will find that line secured beyond mid-decade.
Unveiling the new Qashqai’s printing press, Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s global chief operating officer, said at the time: “Designed, engineered and made in the UK, and more than three million vehicles later, it remains the benchmark, just as our team in the UK continues to set the standard for productivity and quality.”
The report comes despite Project Fear claims made before the referendum that the vote to leave the European Union would plunge the UK into recession, resulting in hundreds of thousands of job losses, forcing the government to enact a “punishment budget” with tax rises and budget cuts to offset the turmoil.
In January 2017, Cambridge University’s Centre for Business Research found that Remainer predictions ahead of the referendum were “very flawed and very partisan”.


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This will be music to TTT's ears.
Question Author
It will be music to the ears of the people of Sunderland too!
It's much more polite to Breitbart, and to AB's members, if you put a short quote and then a link to the article instead of cutting and pasting the whole thing without attribution.
Nissan was one of the firms that pretty much said it would have left Britain with no deal and quite rightly pressure from firms like this is why we gave a few monkfish to the French to get a deal despite all the tears.

All the messing about did cause us to lose production of their new Electric Vehicle though so there is a cost there.
Are you familiar with the word brevity?
Just a tad misleading. This is not a benefit of Brexit. They are not investing because of Brexit, but despite Brexit, as they feel they can work around the disadvantages. If Brexit hadn't happened, the investment would still have been there, without the doubts engendered by the uncertainty regarding a deal.
Question Author
The Chair, you're quite right. I should have titled it, Despite the gloomsters, Brexit Britain Booms...! But am not a journalist- just chuffed to see the investment in Sunderland.
// vote to leave the European Union would plunge the UK into recession, resulting in hundreds of thousands of job losse//

and here we are in recession with thousands of job losses
each one NOT due to Brexit

thank you this makes me feel mucn much better
inspired even
and the other little thing wrong wiv

Brexit Britain booms !

is - - that we dont. durr
boom boom

We are 11 days into the new order, let's wait a bit longer until we judge the outcome, shall we ?
I do sometimes wonder why far right and let’s be clear anti-Semitic operations such as Breitbart care so much about Brexit ...
It’s slightly odd and a little sad.
Question Author
Let's celebrate investment in Sunderland- we need all the jobs we can get at the moment.

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Benefits Of Brexit; More Investment In Britain.

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