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Very sad. :(
Loved the story of how she disguised herself as a boy during the war to take glider lessons. She seems to have led an amazing life. Very sad x
Sadly the virus shows no boundaries
A life well worth celebrating, rest now Eve.
Great life, what a shame it had to end in such a way.

RIP Eve Branson
Question Author
Allow an old man to indulge his reminiscences.
First met her in the 80,s at a Barbecue and she introduced herself as Eve Branson and I asked if she was related in anyway to that "***" who was in a balloon over the Atlantic and with a smile she replied that the"***" was her son.
Mrs sqad kicked me on the shins beneath the table.
We got on well together and she asked me if I would read the script of a novel that she was writing and I told her if it was going tobe a success, it needed seeing up with which she disagreed. It wasn't a success as far as I know.
We were friends for many years and Ted her husband was a rascal..
Thank you.
RIP eve
Sqad - that’s an amazing story!! Am laughing thinking of what you called him and Mrs sqad kicking you lol.
What a wonderful character! Seems she fought virus off but it took all her lifes energy. Still, 95 good innings. RIP, Eve.

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She Brings A Smile.

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