Retired Doctors And Vaccinating Covid

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DTCwordfan | 12:37 Wed 06th Jan 2021 | News
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This is surely a time of national emergency - why the hell doesn't the Government completely override all the bureaucracy involved (20 forms and signatures including deradicalisation of all things) and get them up and running, perhaps supported by ex nurses, pharmacies and possibly the military......28000 of them waiting.... I understand Boris has said bowlocks to the admin and Halfcock has gone off halfcock at some of it - but surely any delay is just risking more doom.

Think 20k ex-doctors (like Sqad) out there, 40 patients a day, and you're talking a 800k a day, say 5 days a week and 4 million per week, 30 odd million by the end of Feb. This would leave current doctors free for carehome vaccinations and supporting patients with other complaints/illnesses.

On top of this, there are vets - a friend of my sister's is one and he's volunteered and been rejected - as he says 'I can bloody well put a needle into an animal and do far more per day than the average doctor. And I more than know my muscle structures - I'm just sticking a needle in not diagnosing AIDS, drooping sex organs, or some berk who has over done it on the vinegar.'

Coincidentally, there ar 28k+ vets in the UK in 4000 outlets that could be short , given the vaccine availability, the Government could easily hit 1 million a day jabs. - 3 months and the UK is at level 1, another 3 months and we would all be double-jabbed.

But then this is the Government (and it wouldn't matter who is in power - Starmer's lot would probably make an even bigger balls up of it.). I put it down to arrse covering and insurance.


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Hasnt this been done allready on here. It depends whether they want to come back as doctors with responsibilities involved so need to be uptodate with qualifications etc, or whether they just want to be stick the needles in under the supervision of doctors
Qualified sports masseurs and first aiders could be added to you list as they have a reasonable knowledge of the human body. Then the question would be are there enough doses of the vaccines?
Why was your sister's friend rejected?
I suggested before vets, nurses etc would be ideal, provided a qualified current doctor was available onsite to deal with emergencies and a GP had confirmed it was safe to vaccinnate someone based on there medical record, allergies etc
This has been covered. If doctors, or any other retired medical or paramendical professionals want to go back as vaccinators and be paid and supervised as vaccinators they can do that. (My sister, ex senior midwife has applied via this route).They apply via the vaccinator application process. What doctors can't do is go back and be paid and treated as doctors without having the same registration and competencies as the doctors currently employed within the NHS. You can't be "a bit of a doctor"
lady j those people can also apply to be vaccinators. IMO it would be a waste of vets as these people are already very busy indeed keeping their services going.
Yes thanks woofgang you explained it better than me as allways.
Am assuming some people with an agenda are spreading these missleading stories maybe to discredit the goverment or health sercice managers PHE etc). People like Professor Van Tam, Patrick Vallance, etc seem to me to be no fools and have experience of such programs so lets just let them get on with it
According to someone on another forum, whose brother is a gp..."he is being “trained” to give the vaccination which includes instructions on manual handling, fire safety and equality and diversity.

He needs to complete the 6 hours of online training in order to be certified as a vaccine giver".
You really couldn't make it up...I suppose all the red tape is so they can prove all who give the vaccine are competent.
pasta surely six hours isn't long? I have worked with GP's. Remember they are contractors and not NHS employees. He may have had no manual handling or fire safety training, or what he has had may not be appropriate for working in a large building in a large team.
I don't know specifics woof. Only that all his consultations are via phone and video.
//You really couldn't make it up...//
Looks like somebody did, though. The government site lists the training necessary for vaccinators coming from various situations. Nothing there about about fire safety or equality and diversity.
There's a huge amount of paperwork attached to offering your services , my daughter has just spent around 24 man hours ploughing through all the hoops to be a vaccinator
My son, who is a serving ICU consultant, had to complete about 8hrs of e learning to get approval as a vaccinator. Bureaucracy gone mad!!!
The Chair - it isn`t "made up" I`ve seen the list of elearning courses and indeed, deradicalisation, manual handling, diversity and equality are indeed part of the vaccinator application process.
I can only go by what this person stated...and she's not one to make things up. I'm not about to give her the third degree over it, either.
oh god not this again.
to be a vaccinator, you don't need to even necessarily have a healthcare background - some jobs within vaccination centres are being advertised for members of the public with no experience to apply as training will be given. If however, you want to be in charge clinically and be supervising other people you need to have the qualifications and experience, just like any other healthcare professional. When I last looked, they wanted you to be clinically up to date with evidence of professional development - the type of thing you are suggesting could just be waived. It cant.
All those supporting responses weren't there when I started typing.
// deradicalisation, manual handling, diversity and equality are indeed part of the vaccinator application process. //

it's so important for vaccinators to understand and recognise - as they vaccinate white middle-class males - the appalling privilege they are perpetuating.
Retired doctors going back to give an injection for which they have to undergo a 6 hour introductory ain't going to happen.
Its unnecessary and degrading.
I for see another toff up by this government, but I really hope someone in a few weeks time tells me I was wrong?

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Retired Doctors And Vaccinating Covid

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