Retired Doctors And Vaccinating Covid

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DTCwordfan | 12:37 Wed 06th Jan 2021 | News
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This is surely a time of national emergency - why the hell doesn't the Government completely override all the bureaucracy involved (20 forms and signatures including deradicalisation of all things) and get them up and running, perhaps supported by ex nurses, pharmacies and possibly the military......28000 of them waiting.... I understand Boris has said bowlocks to the admin and Halfcock has gone off halfcock at some of it - but surely any delay is just risking more doom.

Think 20k ex-doctors (like Sqad) out there, 40 patients a day, and you're talking a 800k a day, say 5 days a week and 4 million per week, 30 odd million by the end of Feb. This would leave current doctors free for carehome vaccinations and supporting patients with other complaints/illnesses.

On top of this, there are vets - a friend of my sister's is one and he's volunteered and been rejected - as he says 'I can bloody well put a needle into an animal and do far more per day than the average doctor. And I more than know my muscle structures - I'm just sticking a needle in not diagnosing AIDS, drooping sex organs, or some berk who has over done it on the vinegar.'

Coincidentally, there ar 28k+ vets in the UK in 4000 outlets that could be short , given the vaccine availability, the Government could easily hit 1 million a day jabs. - 3 months and the UK is at level 1, another 3 months and we would all be double-jabbed.

But then this is the Government (and it wouldn't matter who is in power - Starmer's lot would probably make an even bigger balls up of it.). I put it down to arrse covering and insurance.


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-SharonA- in my area (the Wirral) they were vaccinating on New Years Day (12hrs), my sister was doing all the patient admin at the centre, I would assume that they are, therefore, working weekends as well.
This is what the application form says
Seems reasonable... you don't need to be a doctor to vaccinate, but there needs to be one around.
We know by now how the disaffected and mendacious critics of Great Britain, who coincidently appear to worship all things foreign, and celebrate any setback here with untrammelled glee, loudly and repeatedly moan that we can't cope without the guiding hand of the EUSSR. Perhaps they all missed this report from EUtopia that seems to verify the long held views of the Brexiteers. Count Alexander Von Schoenburg of Germany(bet you knew that) no less. He says about our vaccine roll out, amongst other things, ... ""Yes, you may feel things look grim, but let me tell you that many of us here in Europe are looking across the Channel with envy. The sclerotic and sluggish EU machine has, unforgivably, botched the roll-out of the vaccines, and the consequences are likely to prove fatal to many thousands of our citizens.""
""Now a growing fury is spreading as we watch independent countries — particularly Britain, Israel and America — ramping up their vaccine distribution with tremendous efficiency in comparison to our efforts, saving lives, protecting the vulnerable and moving towards ending this terrible crisis.""
""More than 1.3 million people in Britain have now received either the Pfizer/BioNTech jab or the more recently approved Oxford/AstraZeneca version. As of yesterday, France, your closest neighbour, had vaccinated just 7,000 people. My home country of Germany had, by Tuesday, vaccinated some 317,000 people — by far the most of the EU27.""

Oh dear ... It wasn't meant to be like that and we have only been out for a week. I do hope that they don't offer Boris the EUSSR presidency ... don't you?
Togo, you really seem to be suffering from a form of paranoia. Can't you discuss any issue without accusing others of being anti-british? You are really showing Trump syndrome symptoms.
I'll take that as a no then. Bless.
//Now a growing fury is spreading as we watch independent countries — particularly Britain,//

I must admit, I enjoyed that particular line in his article. Cant understand why it hasn't been on the "news". You know, to boost morale in our badly suffering Country.

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Retired Doctors And Vaccinating Covid

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