Donald No Golf Troosers

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Chinajan | 18:47 Tue 05th Jan 2021 | News
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Nicola Sturgeon has stated that Donald Trump won't be allowed into Scotland to avoid Biden's inauguration.

It follows a report in the Sunday Post that Prestwick Airport had been warned to expect a US military Boeing 757 on 19th January.

Man, I'd just leave to see him being turned away on the tarmac, tail between his legs.


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*love to see
Would love to see this happen but I have my doubts that it will. If it does I might even be persuaded to support la sturgeon.
We can but hope! If the plane was refused permission to land, I reckon all that would happen is that it would divert to an airport in England.
can't see that happening somehow, doesn't he own golf courses in Scotland, not that makes a difference but perhaps he can land on one of those..
emmie - right down the main fairway?
maybe LJ. - can't see him being refused to be honest. -
I wouldn't let any chap in with nay trews on.
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Oh I don't know Mamya...not him though
who is going to tell him he's not welcome i wonder, is Nicola going to stand out with a saltire and say no admittance to Scotland, its preposterous
Can you believe that POTUS would arrive anywhere without advance notice for all the security that would be required? It strikes me that someone at Prestwick has added 2 + 2 and got 5.
Personally, I would just love to see him try it and get sent away but I think I'm in for a disappointment.
a big disappointment i reckon,
I'd like to see that too, China...well maybe not the tail bit...x
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Brain bleach.
One wonders what law allows her to decide who goes to Scotland. He's not convicted of anything criminal (yet).
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from the link:

'...But Scotland's first minister stressed it is illegal to travel in or out of the country without a valid reason and said: "Coming to play golf is not what I would consider to be an essential purpose."
Actually much as I loathe Trump, that really is very silly.
If he’s in Scotland he’s well away from the White House.
Perhaps Trump's valid reason is that he wants to buy the country and make a go of it.
golf noo trousers
I took at exam in edinburgh and promised my self some thoopa plus-fours - you know tin tin trousers - if I passed

I didnt pass

and fled back to home base like a dog with my tail between my legs - more Rinn tinn tin than tin tin
// One wonders what law allows her to decide who goes to Scotland.//

well no one doesnt
remember Trump early days tried to exclude immigrants of all kinds? He cdnt - immigration is allowed to citizens - since 1215 - if you dont it is called exile and King John promised not to without legal process
xc - - special measures, war
which we have ( covid see)

5 Brits were refused entry to Holland a few days ago
Oh Peter do tell! What did you fail in and what are your successes?

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Donald No Golf Troosers

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