Oxford-Astrazeneca Vaccine Approved - Good News

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drmorgans | 12:16 Wed 30th Dec 2020 | News
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The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved for use in the UK, and should start being used early in the New Year. The vaccine is easier to distribute and administer than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. The UK has bought enough doses for 50 million people.


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Not that I know of Pixie. I can't phone now as they are shut on a Wednesday afternoon. I will try them in the morning. I'll have a look on their website to see if i can find anything there. x
Yes, Google the name... you may be able to ask there without having to get hold of anyone x
Barsel. When you're lucky enough to be sent an appointment for your vaccine you'll be asked lots of questions before being injected. You'll also have any questions you have answered. If you should have any worries you can walk away and wait.
I'm lucky enough to have same day GP appointments if needed so I've discussed this with my doctor.
Unless an unexpected disaster occurs I'll be having the Oxford one before long I hope.
Useful to know, gness x
OH went for his 1st vaccination in Dec.. (Next due next week.) Obviously, they don't want to clutter-up the place, so he went in on his own. Unfortunately he is increasingly deaf, audiology services have ceased and he needs his aids tweaked. So, when they asked about allergies, he said he didn't have any. He doesn't, regarding medication, but he is allergic to almost every dressing which touches his skin. His nurse went nuts this afternoon when she saw the awful rash all the way down his arm - started about a week after the jab, just on that arm, and has gradually worsened. Very dry, itchy patches about the size of an old sixpence, some starting to go a bit nasty. I am under instructions to get going with the Betnovate.

I am even more worried about accepting a vaccine now - I am highly allergic to quite a lot of things and I really do not want my asthma reactions to get any worse. So, I am hoping that the Oxford one will solve that problem.
I know its too late now Jourdain, but in future, perhaps worth his carrying a note that he can show to clinical staff saying that he is very deaf and he has the following allergies/problems?
Did he not know when a dressing was being applied that he is allergic to them? Could he not have mentioned it then if he did know or you remove it when he got home?

You don't need to be well of hearing to notice that happening surely?
He didn't bother looking, he trusts the medics. One of these sores is looking very angry now and needs antiseptics. He can't hear anything if people wear masks and he can't see their faces, so he just went with it, thinking it was for the best.
^^^ I don't think it was anything to do with the plaster they put on his shoulder - that came off within a few hours and I sorted out the angry-looking bit by the end of the next day- but this rash is something different, it is down to his wrist. He is due his next jab on Tuesday - which may not happen now - but nurse says someone needs to be informed as they are collecting stats. on adverse reactions. She is too busy to report it and is being seconded next week to vaccinations. I really would like to be able to actually talk to a doctor and let him/her see the things.
she is too busy to report an adverse reaction????????????
allergy guidance

clearly if you are worried yourself dont have it
but I worry about telling other people not to have it
considering what the penalty is if you are over 70 and get covid
yes I noticed that woof
there is quite about this thread - - - I dont like
Indeed, Woof. Too busy for something this important?
Well, PP/woof... I'm not happy about being unable to get medical advice. :(
^^ and gness. His nurse has been treating a wound on his leg (after an op. to remove a tumour ) for a couple of years now and knows exactly how sensitive his skin is. If his next jab, due Tues., is cancelled, I think that I will have to ring the surgery and demand to see a doctor - I won't be popular. :(
arent they cancelling everyone's second jabs for now?

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Oxford-Astrazeneca Vaccine Approved - Good News

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